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Message to Landlords: Addressing Australia’s Housing Crisis

By Andrew Bell

Message to Landlords: Addressing Australia’s Housing Crisis

Hi there, it’s Andrew Bell, Chairman of the Ray White Surfers Paradise Group, joined by Amber Roberts, our dedicated General Manager overseeing both our Residential and Commercial Property Management operations.

The housing crisis has become a pervasive topic in all spheres of society, from government deliberations to household conversations. As representatives deeply entrenched in the real estate landscape, we’re acutely aware of the urgency of the situation.

In my capacity as a director of the Real Estate Institute of Australia, I can assure you that efforts are underway at the federal level to address this crisis. However, the current policies fall short of delivering the necessary impact within the required timeframe. Despite legislative progress in some areas, bureaucratic hurdles impede swift action.

We advocate for effective housing policies that prioritize tangible outcomes. While legislative changes can facilitate progress, the private sector often excels in property construction, making it imperative for the government to create an enabling environment rather than impede progress.

The housing crisis extends beyond property ownership to the rental market, where demand continues to surge. As someone deeply entrenched in the Gold Coast rental scene for over two decades, Amber can attest to the unprecedented intensity of the current market. Rental prices have soared, outstripping supply and leaving many prospective tenants struggling to secure accommodation.

In response to these challenges, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new maintenance program. Designed to provide landlords with greater control and transparency, this initiative aims to streamline communication and enhance property upkeep efficiency.

As tax season approaches, we encourage landlords to seize the opportunity to maximize deductions by addressing any outstanding maintenance or capital works.

Amidst these challenges, there’s a silver lining for landlords. Record rental prices and strong market demand present lucrative opportunities. However, it’s essential to recognize the broader implications of these dynamics and work towards sustainable solutions.

We’re committed to representing the interests of landlords and tenants alike in policy discussions. By collaborating with stakeholders and advocating for pragmatic solutions, we aim to alleviate the housing crisis and ensure housing affordability for all Australians.

As we navigate these challenging times, we invite you to join us in shaping a brighter future for Australia’s real estate landscape. Thank you for your time, and we look forward to keeping you updated on further developments.


Warm Regards,

Andrew Bell, OAM
The Ray White Surfers Paradise Group


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