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Maximise your comfort: What are the benefits of living in a Surfers Paradise apartment?

By Andrew Bell

Regardless of whether you're looking into rentals in Surfers Paradise, hoping to secure your own home or interested in developing and expanding an investment portfolio into the busy, tourism-heavy region, there are a lot of different options to give thought towards before you lock in and purchase a property. 

An increasingly popular purchase for you to consider is an apartment. After all, there are a lot of benefits to owning an apartment as opposed to a detached home, especially if you're looking for a luxurious property in the Gold Coast area. Here are some of the benefits of buying an apartment in the future.

Reduce maintenance needs

Living in a smaller space means having less of the traditional homeowner problems that can plague those in detached properties. For example, things like having to mow your lawns and maintain your gardens can be more of a hassle if you're not a naturally green-thumbed individual. Living in an apartment means potentially tending to a pot plant if you're so inclined – but otherwise, your outdoor spaces are looked after by the local council or owner's corporation. 

Of course, this also extends to the actual maintenance of your property as well. An apartment takes up less space than a home, making it easier to clean and look after in general. Furthermore, most apartments have their public spaces – like the foyer, gym and courtyards – taken care of by a strata ownership, which alleviates you from responsibility and lets you get on with living. 

Closeness to amenities

The general proximity and ease of access to amenities that apartments tend to have is one of the main points of attraction for this type of property. If you purchase a Surfers Paradise apartment in the heart of the central business district – or any of the surrounding, affluent suburbs – you'll be within walking distance of all the stores you could need.

Whether you're looking for open, green spaces, supermarkets, cafes and restaurants or tourist spots, there's plenty of property in Surfers Paradise that can satisfy your needs. Furthermore, reducing your reliance on your car is easy due to the sheer amount of public transport available – which is perfect if you're trying to embrace a cleaner, more sustainable lifestyle. 

Strong security measures

Purchasing an apartment in Surfers Paradise can be a great option for those who place an emphasis on safety and security when it comes to their living situation. Cameras, a single entrance point to your apartment – not to mention the presence of other people in the building – are all great bonuses of living in medium-density properties. 

Furthermore, if you do drive a car in the city, apartment car parks often have security guards, cameras and some sort of secure entrance – whether this be an entrance code or a swipe card – to help reduce the possibility of non-residents gaining access. 

Affordability bonus

Another thing is that apartments are often just cheaper for buyers and renters alike. Whether you're making mortgage payments or regularly paying your landlord, these amounts are usually less than a detached home. 

This makes apartments a great first property for Australians to consider buying. Whether for occupation or investment purposes. Now could be a great time to consider purchasing a Surfers Paradise apartment to get your foot onto the real estate ladder and start working your way up. 

Get in touch with the team at Ray White Surfers Paradise to begin looking into the apartment options available to you in the local community and begin your own journey towards real estate ownership in the Gold Coast today. 

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