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Marketing your home to: Millionaires

By Andrew Bell

Surfers Paradise, known for its golden beaches and exciting nightlife, is a playground for the world's richest people. So it would be of no surprise to learn that well-to-do individuals would be looking to buy real estate in Surfers Paradise.

You may have seen a few articles earlier in this series about how to market your home to a few demographics, including couples and families. In this instalment, we are going to discuss how you can lure in millionaires.

Why millionaires? According to, the current median house price for property in Surfers Paradise is $1.1 million and has been above the million mark for the last year. Add to this the fact that between November 2013 and October 2014, 43,500 new millionaires were created in Australia according to the Investment Trends 2014 High Net Worth Individual Report, and the millionaire sector is one to think about when selling your Surfers Paradise property.

Make the most of your views

If you live in Surfers Paradise, there is a likelihood that the glistening blue waters of the sea or the golden sands will be visible from your windows. 

This image characterises the Gold Coast, and should be used to its full potential to convince your buyers why they should pay you top dollar.

Not only does the view promote how amazing your place is, but the ability to see the beaches so close to your property also implies that they can go down to the beach whenever they want. Proximity and convenience are great selling points when talking about schools, supermarkets and the like, so why not use the same angle for the beach?

Glam up your insides

Chances are, millionaires are used to living a comfortable lifestyle. If your Surfers Paradise property has stunning views, making the interior of your place equally as breathtaking will increase the value of your property in your potential buyers' eyes.

The usual house preparation rules apply as a starter: clean and tidy every surface and fix anything you've been meaning to but never got around to.

Next, think about staging your property. Having the advice of a professional can help here, but if you have a flair for design, it's possible to do on your own. Place a few more vases of fresh flowers and maybe hire some fancier furniture to place around the house. You'll know you've done a good job when your home looks like it should be in a magazine.

If you want to go one step further, you could think about changing and updating your colour scheme to the new trend so that you can entice the fashion-conscious shopper. This could involve just changing out a few cushions, maybe wallpaper a new feature wall, or you could decide to repaint your whole interior.

If you get millionaires to see it as a place other millionaires would want to live, you can increase the chances of sale.

Get the right support

It's all very well and good to have your property looking its best both inside and out, but without a person dedicated to making sure the rest of the world knows about it, you won't attract the millionaires you want. 

A Surfers Paradise real estate agent from Ray White knows the area well and exactly how to market your property so that you can pull in the buyers who will truly appreciate your home. Talk to us if you want more ideas on how to best present your house, or if you simply are just thinking about selling your place.

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