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Marketing your home to: families

By Andrew Bell

Are you looking at selling your real estate in Surfers Paradise? Perhaps one of the most important factors to consider is identifying the market you're going to target.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), families make up over 70 per cent of all households in Australia. Now that's a pretty big mark to aim for! Thus, provided your Surfers Paradise property has the right ingredients, it could be a good idea to to make families your focus.

The premise of living in Main Beach real estate alone will tick a few boxes for many, with the beautiful year-round weather to the endless range of activities on offer. But here are a few ways you can seal the deal by making your property perfect for a family.

Make it as safe as houses

While the classic party pad may still be alluring to new parents, their top priority is likely to be safety. With this in mind, it's important that you eliminate any potential threats. Decks, pools and stairwells can all be land mines when it comes to children; fortunately, they're not hard to disarm.

If your Surfers Paradise property has a modern stairwell with railings for aesthetic purposes only, it may be time to consider replacing them with something more substantial. The same goes for any decking or verandahs. While perfectly safe for sober and responsible adults, a lack of hand-railings can pose a real hazard to a child's safety.

Pools also pose a distinct risk. Despite Main Beach real estate being literally minutes away from the water in most cases, pools are becoming an increasingly popular feature for Queensland families, and can often be a deal-clincher. There are fairly stringent state government laws when it comes to having a pool on your property. Even if it is a portable paddling bath, provided the water depth is more than 300mm, it must be enclosed by a fence.

Utilise the great outdoors

Being able to offer real estate in Surfers Paradise with a relatively sizeable back yard will certainly earn you brownie points. Instead of growing up with the glow of an LED screen, parents are seeing the importance of making the most of the open air to raise their kids. 

The backyard can play host to a number of non-digital activities to keep the children entertained, like a trampoline, swings or a sandpit. Having a great indoor-outdoor flow can also help as parents will be able to do their own thing inside whilst keeping a third eye on the kids outside.

Keep in mind that families are likely to be time poor, so aim to make the back yard as easy to maintain as possible. This means removing any exotic plants and vegetables that require more love and care than the children themselves.

Appeal to the masses

Even though families easily make up the most households in Australia, advertising the fact that your property in Surfers Paradise is up for sale can be a difficult process. What do you say? How much is it worth? How do you say it? And who do you say it to?

Using a real estate agency can make the whole process a lot easier, as they will rate the property's worth for you, as well as constructing a plan of attack for marketing your home. This is in addition to offering advice based on insights from the current market.

If you're interested in selling your Surfers Paradise property, regardless of who it's for, you should talk to the team at Ray White. We can guide you through the whole process of selling your Main Beach real estate from start to finish.

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