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Make the sale with these three property staging tips

By Andrew Bell

If you've owned your home for long, chances are there are signs of you and your family everywhere. Worn carpets, well-loved furniture and stuff all over the place. And that's fine – unless you have house hunters coming over.

When you're selling your property, a strong first impression is key. With so many listings out there, your home must stand out to prospective buyers with top-notch styling and decor. Ready to get started? Here's our guide. 

Start with a deep clean 

When people tour your home, they need to be able to picture themselves there. That can be difficult if they're staring at your shoe collection and laundry pile.

To this end, clean and declutter your entire house thoroughly before taking real estate photos or having an open house. Go through every room and all outdoors spaces to determine what can be thrown away or donated to charity. This will also be helpful for you when it's time to move out

Next, get scrubbing. Don't just make the home look presentable either – focus on deep cleaning jobs, such as:

  • Windows – clean windows make a home look more spacious,
  • Walls and doors – remove scuffs and marks, even consider repainting,
  • Blinds – launder them professionally,
  • Hard flooring – wax or polish floors to look shiny and new. 

Staging tips to make the sale

1. Make sure each room is memorable

It's important to ensure every room in your home is pause-worthy. If people buzz through your home tour in a few minutes, they'll likely forget about the property soon after. Decorate each room with at least one stand-out feature, such as a nice leather couch, a Persian rug or a creative centrepiece.  

2. Rein in your personal style

While you might love that pink shag carpet, not everyone will, which is why it's important to keep the typical buyer in mind when staging your home. Select neutral colours and pieces that will appeal to the highest number of visitors. 

3. Consider buying new pieces

Waiting to buy that new living room furniture and dining room set? You might want to consider acting now instead. If you were thinking of replacing certain items in your home, do so before staging in order to show off for prospective buyers. Of course, these pieces won't be included in the sale, but they'll still make your home look nicer for the time being. 

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