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Leading a more sustainable lifestyle: How to embrace cleaner living in your home

By Andrew Bell

Looking after the planet is fast becoming a massive factor for people to consider when buying real estate. Regardless of whether you're looking at Surfers Paradise property or a home in Western Australia, the desire for a more sustainable lifestyle for individuals across the nation has become a defining factor of the nation. With a number of different regions earning awards for their commitment to greener living, it could be worth looking into small things you can do around your home to reduce your own effect on the environment. 

One massive misconception about adopting a green lifestyle is that the extreme changes to your life will make you out to be some sort of hippie caricature. However, this couldn't be further from the truth, especially in the modern day. While these stereotypes exist, adopting some sustainable practices into your home doesn't mean abandoning electricity or creature comforts in favour of hemp clothing and unwashed hair. 

Here are some changes to consider within your real estate in Surfers Paradise when looking to make your lifestyle a little more environmentally-friendly. 

Reduce, reuse and recycle in your Surfers Paradise property

The easiest way to begin working towards a cleaner, greener Australia starts in your kitchen. If you only have one all-purpose rubbish bin in your home, you're missing a wonderful opportunity to contribute to reducing your carbon footprint and benefiting the environment. 

Look into getting a recycling bin for your plastic and glass waste, which is collected and reused to create other products for use in the future. This is better than sending this waste to a landfill, where it often sits for years and years – not breaking down can causing untold damage to the environment. 

Create a compost heap

Recycling doesn't just have to contribute towards reducing the amount of non degradable materials being thrown out by households across the nation. It also means using the organic material you do have for other uses, giving it back to the Earth to help create more benefit for you and your family. 

One way to do this is to consider creating a compost in your backyard, which naturally absorbs organic waste like fruit and vegetable waste. This can be put towards feeding your own garden in the future – especially if you plant fruit and vegetable seeds.

Using your old food scraps to grow more apples and carrots for the family is a great habit and cycle to get into and could also help you reduce the amount of money spent at the grocery store. 

Lower your reliance on fossil fuels

Car emissions are one of the worst sources of carbon in our society, which is contributing to a number of issues including the erosion of our ozone layer. Lower your reliance on private driving and opt for the more environmentally-conscious public transport option. 

Not only will this contribute towards reducing the amount of carbon being emitted, but it can also help save you money on gas in the long run – after all, bus and train tickets are often cheaper than buying petrol in this economic climate. Furthermore, not having to worry about parking options means more time to relax in the morning – perhaps you could spend this time reading a book or catching up on the daily news? 

Stop wasting water in your home

Another way you could be more sustainable without knowing it is simply being aware of how much water is being used in your home. For example, shorter showers can save you time and money in the future while also helping reduce the amount of water being wasted down your drain. 

In a similar vein, only put your dishwasher on when it's full – not after every meal. This has the added benefit of saving you dishwashing powder as well, which can be an expensive thing to buy at regular intervals. 

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