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It’s time to think spring: 2017 interior design tips

By Andrew Bell

Now that we’ve had the shortest day of the year, we can finally start to think spring! While there still might be some weeks left in winter, there’s no time like the present to get started on your spring cleaning. Because if you get a head start on the cleaning, then you can also get ahead on the fun part – the decorating!

Get your home ready with some of this season’s most unique interior design trends.

Decorate with butterflies

Yes, butterflies are in fashion this season! And why shouldn’t they be? As they flit around your garden outdoors, their beautiful wings bring a distinct pattern to your own home. There are a couple of ways you can incorporate this style into your home shy of grabbing your bug net and catching some from outdoors. You can purchase assortments of fake butterflies that still feature the inspiring patterns real butterflies do and create an accent wall out of them. A butterfly patterned rug could also make a nice addition to your home.

Go bold with green

Green already represents spring as it is symbolic of the new plants and young leaves, but it’s also one of Pantone’s colours of the year. And we’re not talking any old green – this season calls for unapologetically bright shades. Lime, emerald, forest or whatever variation you prefer, you should incorporate into your design. If you don’t want to fully redo your lounge walls, consider using the colour in accent pieces instead.

Tropical prints

Taking butterflies and greens one step further, we’re seeing that a lot of homes start to incorporate tropical prints into their home decor. That’s right, all of those pineapples you may have seen floating around on social media are the perfect pattern to bring into your home as well. Designs like this summer fruit, palm trees or waves are all great exotic notes that you can bring into your home via throw pillows or accessories.

Terracotta with a matte finish

Terracotta tiles are often associated with warm summer houses so it’s no wonder they’re starting to replace lighter coloured tiles or marble. The colour has a nice rustic feel to it, making it perfect if you’re trying to get ready for warmer weather. Incorporating terracota tiles into your kitchen backsplash is the perfect way to test out this spring trend.

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