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Is your home ready for the big screen?

By Andrew Bell

Have you ever been jealous of a movie character's home? So much that it almost makes you want to move? Whether it's a cosy cottage in the countryside, a stylish penthouse towering over a bustling city or a modern mansion overlooking a twinkling valley – you have one thought: it's just a set from Hollywood.

Well, think again – it might not be just for show.

Private property wanted in Hollywood

Houzz recently reported on a story about a property in Los Angeles that had such star quality, it was plucked off the streets and rushed to the big screen. The property's debut was actually years before, however, its big break was in Academy Award winning movie, La La Land. According to the source, the property owners Adene and Rob Lacy were approached by writer-director, Damien Chazelle to see if their backyard would be the setting of the movie's pool party scene.

The film crew was looking for a home with modern mid-century charm – they needed clean lines and lush gardens to mimic LA in the 80s, and that's what the Lacys could deliver.

How can you make your home ready for the big screen

Private properties don't always go looking for stardom, rather, opportunity knocks on their door – literally. Houzz explained that location scouts will set out around town and look for privately owned residences that might be suitable for their production. After that it is just a matter of liaising with the property owner and the production companies to move forward with the so-called "auditions".

Just like an actor, a property trying to make it on the big screen needs a head shot. Here are a couple of tips you can follow to get your home ready for its glamour pictures:

  • Get rid of clutter: No producer is going to want to visualise what your space would look like without the clutter, so get rid of it. You don't have to go down to the bare bones, it should just be the basics of the room. If you're staging a living room, furniture would include couches, a coffee table and accessories like throw pillows or candles.
  • Remove personal items: Pictures of your friends and family aren't necessarily clutter, but they also need to be stowed away to make the house seem more like a set rather than your home.
  • Stay up to date with repairs: Stained carpet, burnt out light bulbs, dirty windows, mouldy bathrooms, even a dingy bedspread are all going to make a negative first impression to production companies.
  • Shoot in natural light: Natural light is the best light, so make sure you snap your pictures during the time of day your house gets the most light and keep the curtains wide open.

Hollywood or open house, preparation is all the same

Does any of this advice sound familiar to you? Of course, having a home that's ready for Hollywood producers is just like prepping your home for prospective buyers! You can use the same tips to stage your home for an open house when it comes time to sell.

If you'd like some tips on how to prepare your home for Hollywood, or just for an open house, ask our friendly team here at Ray White Surfers Paradise for advice.

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