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Improved Public Transport in Gold Coast

By Andrew Bell

A major overhaul of the south-east Queensland railway network is planned to begin on January 20, providing an extra 200 services per day.

Residents of Surfers Paradise property will benefit from the upgrade with more reliable trains, additional services and improved connections.

The 7,500 Gold Coast passengers who board the trains during the morning and afternoon peak times are going to profit most from this venture, according to Member for Coomera, Michael Crandon.

"This is a great result for Gold Coast commuters with a 30-to-40 per cent increase in peak services," he said.

Existing train crew, rollingstock and infrastructure will be used to maintain the new timetable, according to Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson.

"This design is for the future, as it will allow additional services to be added to the timetable once trains start being delivered as part of our New Generation Rollingstock project," he said.

New services only make real estate in Surfers Paradise more attractive, as transport around the area is becoming easier and easier.

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