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How to transform your home office into a productive, inspiring space

By Andrew Bell

Australians are putting work/life balance first, according to a recent Global Talent Monitor Survey, in which respondents cited flexible working conditions as their top priority when looking for a new role. 

And we don't blame them! With cloud connectivity, working from home has never been more feasible for many professionals – but only if you have the right environment. If your home office doubles as the laundry room and the junk closet, you likely won't get much done. 

That's why we've got your next weekend reno project all planned out: upgrading your workspace into a haven of creativity and productivity! Let's get started.

Choose the perfect space

You don't need a massive extra room to have the perfect home office. Even small apartments can accommodate a dedicated work area if you're creative with the space.

Before selecting your spot, ask yourself the following:

  • What kind of work needs to be done here?
  • Does there need to be room for clients or coworkers as well?
  • What kind of equipment and materials will you need here?
  • Do you require storage space?
  • What are your noise requirements – will you be making calls or video conferencing?

What's most important is that you can do the job and do it well in whatever space you choose. 

Work with the room you have

Your next big task will be making the most out of the area. Even a closet can be a great home office with the right storage solutions, like floating shelves and under-the-desk compartments. 

Equally important, however, is ensuring the space doesn't feel catastrophic. To make your office seem more spacious, try out some of these design hacks:

  • Use mirrors to reflect open spaces, especially a window,
  • Paint the walls a light colour,
  • Hang shelves high on the wall to draw the eye up,
  • Buy a striped carpet to elongate the room,
  • Spread lamps around the room rather than a single light source. 

Eliminate distractions

The main impediment to flexible working is distractions. It can be difficult to focus on the task at hand when the laundry needs to be done and dishes are piling up in the sink.

To this end, ensure your work zone is just that – a place where you can simulate being in the office without the diversions of home. For many people, this means completely removing yourself from an area that you typically dedicate to something else. Working in your bedroom, for example, might be hard as you associate that place with relaxation and sleep. 

Stock up on the right furnishings

With your corner carved out, it's time to start shopping for the essentials. A home office doesn't need to be an exact replica of your workplace, but you should have everything you need to get the job done, including a desk, chair and suitable technology

Beyond that, make sure the space is enjoyable – otherwise, putting in a full day's work will be a struggle. Decorate in a way that inspires you and ensure the space is comfortable in terms of temperature and lighting. Add some of your own personality as well. Remember, this isn't the office, it's your home – you have free reign to hang things on the walls, paint and style however you'd like.  

Thinking of working from home but don't have the space? It might be time for a bigger place. To find top properties on the Gold Coast, reach out to the team at Ray White Surfers Paradise today. 

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