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How to recycle old home appliances

By Andrew Bell

Try as you might, some home machinery gets too old to use. Your fridge may be using more energy than it used to and blowing up your electricity bill, or your dishwasher might make sounds that you're sure could not be from this world. Whatever your reason, it's time for a new household appliance, but it's important to make the responsible decision of recycling your old one.

Let's take a look at a few options you might have, and the reasons behind them to help support your effort.

White recycling

When looking for recycling options, you may run into the phrase white recycling. This refers to any household electronic waste (e-waste) from fridges and dishwashers to washing machines and air conditioners.

The Australian home appliance market is growing every day, and according to Research and Markets, the "Australia Smart Home Market will be US$ 4.61 Billion by 2027 from US$ 2.01 Billion in 2020." With the rise in purchases, the percentage of these devices getting just thrown on top of the growing pile of garbage rises as well.

But, if this machinery is recycled instead, 95% of the materials within them are reusable, according to Planet Ark. Parts of each machine like metal, plastic and other non-renewable resources can rejoin the production loop. They can have a chance at another life instead of sitting to waste for the rest of eternity and leaching toxic materials into the earth.

Here are a few ways to close the loop for your home appliances.

How to recycle white goods

As a consumer it can be difficult to know where to send white waste when you are finished with it, whether it is a handheld gadget or a microwave oven. While large appliances like refrigerators are not yet handled by the government, Gold Coast citizens have a great alternative through East Coast Metal Recycling. This company will take your used, old or broken large appliances to use for parts, refurbishment or safe recycling. Through this business, you may even get a monetary reward for your time and effort depending on the appliance.

Another alternative for sustainability-conscious citizens is to donate appliances to neighbours or friends if the item is still usable. QLD urges residents to consider passing their e-waste on to friends and neighbours as a hand-me-down.

Additionally, if you are selling your home and no longer need the appliances you own, you might be able to negotiate the price and depreciation of the machinery you own within the overall price of the home — offering the next resident a move-in ready space and an easier move for both parties.

If you're ready to move or to sell your property, let Ray White Surfers Paradise real estate help you. We can put together a plan for the in-shape appliances in your home and negotiate the best price to align with your goals. Contact us today.

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