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How to protect your home when on vacation

By Andrew Bell

When you and your family leave for a vacation, the last thing that you want to do is worry whether your home is secure or not. With the right security system in place, you can have a good time without that nagging feeling in the back of your mind. Here are some of the best tips to keep your home safe while you are away.

Consider alarm systems

An alarm system is one of the most productive ways to protect your home and yourself from potential burglary. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, "3.5% of Australian households experienced either a break-in or attempted break-in during 2020-2021." Investing in some kind of home security is beneficial when you're taking a trip all year around.

There are many different kinds of systems to choose from, at various price points, that will benefit your home's safety. You can pick a simple door trigger alarm or a bigger system that includes cameras.

Unplug your devices

No matter how long you will be away from home, it's a good idea to unplug devices like your TV, lamps or toaster. This will not only save you power but can also prevent electrical fires. Nothing ruins a hard-earned vacation like a call from the fire department.

The Queensland Fire and Emergency Services report that they attend thousands of preventable house fires every year due to unplugged appliances while out of town. One of the best ways to take precautions against a house fire is to unplug your devices and be mindful of other fire hazards.

Maintain the home

Depending on how long you plan on being gone, it's still important to maintain your home. If you are taking a long vacation, hire someone you trust to mow your lawn, water your plants and pick up your mail. Not only is this a good idea to keep your house in peak condition, but it will also look like someone is home. When potential thieves look at your house, they won't know that the owners haven't been home in days.

Communicate with your neighbours

Whether you live in an apartment complex or in a suburb, letting your neighbours know that you will be on vacation is prudent. If you have someone coming to water your plants, tell the people in your neighbourhood that this is the only person who should be coming or going from your house.

Now, the people in your neighbourhood will be able to keep an eye out for suspicious activity while you are gone. Even if you make it look like there is someone home, your next-door neighbour will know that you aren't around, and can offer you peace of mind when on vacation. 

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