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How to prepare for your next landlord inspection

By Andrew Bell

Renting in Australia means you’ll very likely have a landlord inspection at some point during your tenancy. Queensland regulations allow landlords to inspect the property once in every three-month period, to check that it’s being appropriately cared for.

However, an inspection doesn’t need to be stressful for tenants. Here are our top tips for getting through your next Gold Coast property inspection stress-free.

1) Do the big jobs early

Get the kitchen and bathroom looking shiny as soon as you know an inspection is due because these rooms often take the longest. You can then keep on top of them by giving surfaces a wipe over and sweeping the floor.

You’ll still need to spend some time in other rooms – such as cleaning skirting boards and window ledges, as well as running the vacuum cleaner around the property. However, these tasks shouldn’t take too long.

Remember, your landlord or property manager must give you a minimum of seven days notice prior to an inspection so you have plenty of time to spread out your cleaning jobs.

2) Start tidying as you go

While it’s up to you how you live in the property, it helps to create an overall good impression if you tidy up. That’s not to say you can’t have books or magazines on coffee or side tables, but stack them neatly and get things off the floor.

Clear piles of clothes and remove cups left lying around to show you make an effort to keep the property in good condition.

3) Deal with any repairs that are your responsibility

It’s likely that you’re responsible for certain areas of maintenance, such as replacing old light bulbs, or putting right anything you break. Make sure to complete any tasks you’ve been putting off, as it’ll show that you’re upholding your side of the deal.

If you’re not sure what’s your responsibility and what’s not, check your tenancy agreement. Take a look over your inventory too, as that’ll remind you of anything you need to pay special attention to, or that you need to discuss.

4) Don’t forget the outside

If you have an outdoor area, such as a garden or balcony, it’s important you spend some time ensuring it’s up to standard. Sweep away leaves and cobwebs, and tidy anything that’s been left lying around.

Depending on your agreement, it might be your responsibility to mow the lawn or keep unruly bushes in order. Run round the garden to pull all these things into line a few days before the inspection.

5) Keep it in perspective

Your landlord or property manager wants to see that you are looking after their investment, not that you’re cleaning day and night to keep the house in good condition. You definitely need to clean and tidy, showing that you’re a responsible tenant. But you don’t need to make it so clean that it seems like no one lives there. Think about how you’d like someone to maintain your home.

Remember, it’s much easier for landlords to keep the same tenants rather than find new ones. Landlords only want to know that their investment is still in good condition, they’re not after reasons to get rid of you.

If you’re after somewhere new to rent in the Gold Coast area, get in touch with the Ray White Surfers Paradise team.

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