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How to maximise space in a smaller apartment

By Andrew Bell

Living in the middle of the city has big benefits – but sometimes space is the compromise you make in return. Time to let the light in and get rid of the excess – here are our tips and tricks to maximise space in your Gold Coast property.

Bright is right

Keeping the colour scheme of your apartment to white or neutral tones is the best way of maximising space. Non-hued walls catch and reflect natural light better than dark or bold colours, which tend to absorb brightness. Having a minimal interior is a popular trend amongst interior designers and DIY-decorators alike, and is the perfect way to introduce a 'less is more' mindset to your life.

Embrace nature

Sometimes the best way to open a room is to pay homage to the most open space there is – the great outdoors. By bringing pieces of nature into a room, your four-walled apartment can transform into a relaxing sanctuary with great health benefits. Having indoor plants can improve your air quality and productivity, as well as giving you a chance to exercise your "green thumb".

Decorating your apartment with natural fibres, such as linen curtains and wicker rugs, brings an organic feel to the space. This approach can make you feel less cluttered and more in touch with the outdoors.

Accentuate space with mirrors

One of the oldest interior decorating tricks in the book is using mirrors to maximise space. A large floor-length mirror is an essential addition to any small apartment and can be used to expand space in many different ways. Placing clunky furniture in front of a large mirror softens its presence and gives the illusion of a wider room. Additionally, mirror mounted at the end of a hallway creates the impression of an infinite corridor, and is both an interesting design feature and a great conversation point.

Feeling claustrophobic? Place a mirror opposite to a window to create a faux opening on the adjacent wall to fabricate natural light.

Let there be light

Thick opaque curtains are for cold spaces – in the Gold Coast, we embrace the sun! Having white or pale curtains in a sheer fabric allows natural light to enter your room without sacrificing privacy. The sheer material will filter just enough sunlight into your room in the mornings – and there is no better alarm than natural light.


The theme of 2019 is tidying up, with the internet obsessing over the new Netflix show 'Tidying Up With Marie Kondo'. Under the guidance of her organisational expertise, people all over the world are 'Kondo-ing' the excess out of their living spaces. Kondo's 'Kon-Mari Method' runs on the rule of only keeping things that spark joy in your life. Unless that box of old magazines and that unworn pair of shoes gathering dust in your closet spark joy, it's time to give them the boot.

If you're not ready for a total clutter overhaul, make it a goal to only buy things if you have a corresponding item to throw away – because nobody needs eight plain white t-shirts.

Ready to upgrade to a larger space? Get in touch with the team at Ray White Surfers Paradise for a friendly consultation.

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