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How to make your Surfers Paradise property feel bigger

By Andrew Bell

Whether you're situated in family-sized Main Beach real estate or a small Surfers Paradise apartment, space matters. Often, making your home feel spacious is just as much to do with the way you organise your interior, as it is with the actual size of the floor plan.

Sure, you could just expand the size of your property. But the Gold Coast Council notes that any work that extends the floor will require council approval.Furthermore, apartments have even more restrictions, which can prevent even simple alterations or renovations from taking place.

So instead of seeing which wall you can bust down, take a second look to check what else you can do. Maximising every inch of floor space in your Surfers Paradise property might take a little time and a shift in lifestyle habits, but it doesn't have to be hard.

Cutting clutter

Clutter is something that accumulates quickly without you even realising it. A book here, a plate there and before you know it, you're up to your knees in mess. This will very quickly reduce the spaciousness of your Surfers Paradise property as well as take away any charm the space once had.

Furthermore, it could be detrimental to your health too. The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science notes that letting dust build up can trigger asthmatic reactions, nasal inflammation eczema and more. As a cluttered space is harder to clean of dust, keep it as clear as possible. Get in the habit of packing away anything that you don't use regularly or need immediately will be crucial.

Traffic flow

The way foot traffic moves through your home has a huge impact on how spacious it feels. Having random bits of furniture or objects abruptly in the way can make your home seem smaller than it should.

Ideally, you want walking paths to feel natural, smooth and uninterrupted. If there's a chance this could be improved in your Surfers Paradise real estate, take a step back before you make any changes. Residential designer Nita Hull suggests observing where the traffic paths go from door to door to see how they intersect with the arrangement of furniture. Walk them out if you have to to see which are the most logical and linear routes.

From here, you'll able to see if there is anything disrupting this flow, and what you could do about it. For instance, having couches and study tables up against the wall go could a long way in making the space really pop.

Light the way

The sense and perception of light in the room can also make an immense difference to just how big or small your property feels. A guide from Inside Out recommends using brighter, neutral colours on the floors and walls. This will help to bounce light about, making it feel more airy and spacious. Another way to do this is to hang mirrors or have reflective surfaces around the room to achieve the same purpose and give a subtle sense of luminosity.

Higher calling

When it comes to boosting the sense of space in your Surfers Paradise property, verticality matters as much as horizontality. That's because when eyes are naturally drawn up, it can create an illusion of a higher ceiling. There are ways to do this, including having tall bookshelves, curtains that reach all the way down to the floor and having the colour of your walls the same as the ceiling.

These tips can also go a long way when trying to make your Surfers Paradise property presentable for an open inspection. Give Ray White Surfers Paradise a ring to see how we can help you secure a great sale.

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