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How to make a luxury outdoor area for the cooler months

By Andrew Bell

Even if coastal Queensland doesn't experience the same summer that inland Victoria or New South Wales might, the temperatures can still drop somewhat. The Bureau of Meteorology notes that the median temperature drops into the low twenties between April and June, compared to mid to late twenties for April alone.

This shouldn't prevent anyone from enjoying the outdoors in the coming months, but it may mean some adjustments are needed to ensure that even the colder days are times when you can enjoy your luxury Surfers Paradise property without the weather getting in the way. With this in mind, let's look at some ways to create a fantastic outdoor area that keeps you cosy and comfortable. 

Keeping it pergolated

Shading options can be difficult in the home, as you ideally want a balance of direct sunlight and shelter from the weather. One solution that many homes use is the pergola, which is capable of providing the best of both worlds. Of course, the correct use of a pergola can depend on the orientation of your property.

According to the Federal government's YourHome website, a home with an east-facing or west-facing orientation can benefit from a deep verandah or pergola. This allows your home to minimise unwanted heat gain, and affords you the opportunity to add deciduous or evergreen vines as an elegant and decorative green touch. These structures are also helpful when your Surfers Paradise real estate faces northwest or northeast.

This can also allow for easy installation of solar heating – a fantastic way to keep your outdoor area fresh and warm should temperatures drop.

Go to the movies – in your backyard

While it might be overkill for some homes, for others an outdoor movie theatre is the perfect luxury addition, especially if you have plenty of space. An indoor-outdoor viewing area can be a great way of staying comfortable while still entertaining. An indoor projector can broadcast films onto a large outdoor wall and screen, which can provide a more cinematic experience than smaller facades within the home. 

Sliding or french doors can create a great indoor-outdoor flow, and allow people to get comfortable near heating (or cooling – it is Queensland after all!) systems while enjoying the vibe of an outdoor movie theatre. It's a great way to spend an evening – consider the options you have for installing a screen or setting the right area up. It'll be just like the drive-in movie theatres of old, but with the privacy that comes with being at home. 

It's the pits

Of course, the classic hallmark of a decadent, warm outdoor area is the fire pit. It  provides a centrepiece to the outdoor area in the same way that an ornate dining room table can, and doesn't have to be lit to be majestic. Working with fine materials that match your home aesthetic means you keep in theme. And depending on how you construct it, a fire pit could be an excellent leaner or seating area for social gatherings.

Of course, you will need to check with local councils about any permits required to install and run a fire pit – you don't want to create hazards for yourself or potential Surfers Paradise renters.

When the temperatures cool down, sometimes the beach isn't the best place to go in the evenings. In times like these, making sure you have a luxurious outdoor area that can keep people relaxed and warm is ideal, and something likely to attract renters and buyers alike to your home when the time comes.

For more ideas about making your real estate in Surfers Paradise work, talk to a local Ray White agent. 

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