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How to maintain a green-friendly commercial space

By Andrew Bell

Sustainability is on the minds of individuals, businesses and governments alike. Consider the city of Gold Coast, which is undertaking a major infrastructure project to increase the use and access of recycled water. The city is using a giant machine to tunnel a cavern that, when completed, will direct recycled water several kilometres away and into the ocean.

"This is one of the longest and most challenging marine pipeline crossings of its type ever undertaken in Australia," said Tom Tate, Gold Coast's mayor, of the project. "It is about future proofing our city which is expected to experience record population growth in coming years."

Such investments are echoed across the globe, on both big and small scales. In fact, many commercial developers and managers are realising the benefits of going green. Not only does it reduce long-term costs associated with wasteful materials, but going green also attracts environmentally mindful tenants. As more people demand that businesses implement sustainability practises, it's clear that incorporating green methods and strategies is essential for any commercial property owner who wants to ensure their operation lasts for a long time.

How to maintain a green commercial space

Commercial building managers have a variety of options, both large and small, for implementing environmentally friendly practises into their properties.

The first, and arguably the most obvious, is to establish recycling capabilities. This is one of the easiest ways to go green, and tenants are already accustomed to the practise of recycling. Partner with a reputable facility or business, and do your research to make sure they dispose of materials responsibly.

What about food waste, however? Depending on the use of your building, you could add a composting service. Research companies that rent out compost bins and pick up the collected material on a regular basis.

Another option, of course, is to research renewable energy options. Connect with your current energy provider and see if they're able to switch your building to renewable sources. Research the long-term savings benefits, including possible tax breaks or reimbursements, if you need an incentive to make the change.

On that note, you should also consider implementing small-scale energy reduction services. Look into ways you can reduce energy waste with the structures you already have. Possible options include installing blackout curtains, switching to efficient lighting and installing energy-conserving appliances.

Finally, you should find ways to make your current infrastructure more inviting to green-friendly tenants. Installing bike racks and/or recharging stations for electric cars is one way to encourage your tenants to adopt sustainable practices. People will more easily switch to biking or invest in an electric vehicle if they can more easily use these things on a daily basis.

Making the right commercial property management decisions

If you need help making decisions about your commercial property, the Ray White Surfers Paradise Group is ready to take your questions. Read our property management services and get in touch.

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