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How to keep your pool clean all winter

By Andrew Bell

Living in Gold Coast real estate, there's something special for just about everyone. To start with, it's all pretty close to the beach – some are even lucky enough to be right on the water. Those with a little more money to spend might have access to a dry dock to launch their boat from, and still many will have a pool.

In the searing summer heat, the Gold Coast is a fabulous tourist attraction, and it's really no surprise when you consider the gorgeous beaches and lifestyle on offer over the summer.

The beaches are always busy and thriving with activity and culture. You can spend all day in the sun before rolling home, opening up a bottle of wine and relaxing for the evening with your family and friends. We're sure it sounds like something you'd appreciate if you haven't yet experienced it, but what happens in the cooler winter months?

Heat waning in winter

The beaches are slightly less popular on the Gold Coast after the summer sun goes away. Queensland is the tropical capital of Australia, and some of the stormy season finds its way down to the south-east of the state to land on the beaches. In fact, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology reports that the highest amounts of rainfall occur in February and March – in true tropical fashion – while April through June continue this trend in slightly lower quantities.

When this happens, there tends to be a slowing down of beach activity, and even people with pools on their Gold Coast property don't use them so much. But pool maintenance is still important, even while you aren't using it.

What do you have to think about for your pool care, and how should you go about staying on top of it?

Pools – how do you keep them clean?

During the months that you're using the pool regularly, making an effort is easy because you're always outside and using it. However, when you don't use it as much, pulling yourself outside to scoop leaves or add various tablets or liquids to the water can be much more difficult.

It only takes a few minutes a week to make sure when the pool-using months come back around, you don't have to spend hours cleaning it and days waiting for the levels to be right before swimming again. You can simply jump in and enjoy!

The first thing that will help to keep your pool maintained is a cover – these can be used for keeping heat in the water if you have a heater, but the main function is to stop leaves going in the water and sinking to the bottom. Pool covers have become far more technological in recent times as well, and installing an electronic one means laying it out and pulling it off can be a breeze. Every now and then, you'll need to rake the leaves off the cover, but that's significantly easier than diving down to pick up handful after handful from the bottom.

Houzz also suggests that making sure your chemical levels are correct will stop the water from becoming unhealthy to swim in. When swimming season comes to a close, have the pH levels of the water tested and make adjustments if necessary. Check every two weeks that the levels are staying consistent and you'll reduce the amount of time you need to spend come the summer.

Keeping your pool in order while you aren't using it is going to save a lot of time and money when the weather picks up and you want to use it again.

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