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How to get your balcony ready for the summer

By Andrew Bell

With summer just around the corner and the hot season calling you outside at every possible opportunity, it’s time to get your balcony ready. Many of the homes on the Gold Coast, and in Surfers Paradise particularly, are high rise apartments. Great views of the beach and the beautiful skyline, as well as fabulous places to sit and relax, your balcony is basically another room in your home.

With that in mind, you need to style it in the same way as you would any other part of your property. Big or small, a balcony is another area where you can express your personal tastes. Make it one of the most frequented places in your entire home this summer with some of these design tips:

Freshen up the balustrade

Queensland laws dictate that balustrades on outdoor areas more than one storey above the ground require a balustrade that is at least one metre tall. If it has slats, they cannot be more than 125 millimetres apart. If you’re thinking about selling your Gold Coast home, refreshing your balustrades might make it that much more appealing to the right buyers.

If you’re in a building where you can alter the balustrade (i.e. not a strata where the appearance of the building is changed), go for a fresh wood panel look with no gaps to enhance your feeling of privacy. You could go entirely the other way as well and opt for a glass balustrade to really make the most of your view over the beautiful Gold Coast beaches.

Make it a fun space

Add a bit of colour. Put a funky piece of furniture in a place where everyone can see it. Install some art on the walls that makes your place just a little different. There are so many ways you can make your balcony stand out from the rest.

Buy a bright outdoor rug or runner and lay it out along the floor. Hang a colourful painting on a feature wall. Find a cool reading chair/lounger and put it into a corner of the balcony. Add some complementary cushions and you’ve got a scene straight out of a magazine. Plus, it’ll be a spot you won’t want to leave! Make sure you spend hours out on the balcony after taking so much time to make it look amazing.

Chairs encourage people to spend time

You’ll want to create a place for people to use, right? Well they can’t just stand around for hours and hours. Put some comfortable and cool chairs out, overlooking your amazing view, and people will be more encouraged to spend longer enjoying your space.

Chairs can be another style feature too – they’re not just practical or functional. If you’ve chosen a certain colour scheme inside or for the art on the balcony, make sure you match the chairs to that for a better indoor/outdoor flow. It’ll feel more like a part of the home if it’s styled in a similar way, and that’s the whole point of decorating!

Whether you already own a property on the Gold Coast or you’re thinking about buying one with a balcony, these styling tips should get your inspirational juices flowing. Make the space your own and you’ll spend more time outside in the fresh air and looking out at the paradise you call home.

For more information about buying or selling a home on the Gold Coast, and for other styling tips for your balcony, get in touch with Ray White Surfers Paradise today.

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