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How to clean your house before you sell it

By Andrew Bell

You probably know there's a lot to consider when putting your house up for sale, but is cleaning on your list? This is the time to deep clean every nook and cranny, not only for your own good but for the marketability of the house. Someone is more likely to want to buy the home when it's in peak condition. Better yet, this benefit doesn't require a lot of initial investment — just a little elbow grease. Let's look at some of our best tips to get your property in the best possible condition before selling.

Decluttering time

The first step, which will also be helpful to you when it is time for you to move, is to do some major decluttering. A less cluttered space is more pleasing to the eyes in general. So what should you do with all the things you decide to get rid of? There are several options that you could choose from, depending on your needs. With sustainability in mind, consider selling your items to someone who could give them another home.

Additionally, find local donation centres that take donations of items that are in good condition. According to Charitable Recycling, Australians donated about 310,316 tonnes of clothing in 2020. This not only saved the items from going to landfills but also reduced carbon emissions across the supply chain by 66%. With this in mind, those who take donations do not want things that are in poor condition. In this case, chuck it in the bin as a last resort.

Deep cleaning

Now that you've gotten rid of unnecessary clutter, it's time to put on your rubber gloves and pull out the scrub brush. Move every piece of furniture and scour every corner to ensure there is nothing negative that would catch the eye of a potential buyer. This is especially true in the bathroom, where mildew and mould tend to naturally grow. Potential buyers will nearly always look at the kitchen, so pay close attention to the cleanliness of your own.

Curb appeal

Not only is it important to ensure that the inside of your home is spick and span, but the outside needs some attention as well. From pulling weeds to adding a simple coat of paint to the trimming, a little goes a long way. Even from the curb, dirty windows may turn away buyers. Some scrubbing and rinsing of the outdoor panels and exterior walls can clean things up considerably and add a lot of initial curb appeal.

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