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How to buy the perfect home for your retirement

By Andrew Bell

Thanks to its natural beauty, warm climate, and world-class surf beaches, Queensland is a popular retirement haven for discerning Aussies, with approximately 40% of Queenslanders being retirees, per the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

However, when choosing a retirement home that's perfect for you and yours, a tropical climate and close-by idyllic beaches are just two pieces of a larger puzzle.

When deliberating the ins and outs of your ideal retirement home, consider the when, the whys and the hows: when to consider purchasing your retirement home, the rationale (or the whys) behind your purchase and the various financial implications of your decision.

When to consider purchasing your retirement home

Prudent, strategic planning is the key to finding the perfect home for your retirement, and there's no better time to begin strategising than the present.

According to the ABS, though 65 is the age that most Australians expect to retire, in reality, it tends to occur sooner (to the effect of approximately a decade). As retirement has been shown to sneak up on many individuals, putting the necessary building blocks in place ahead of time can serve as a safeguard, affording you current and future peace of mind.

Regardless of your age and stage, the important thing is to have weighed all the necessary factors and have a plan laid out in advance.

The rationale (or the whys) behind your purchase

Setting priorities often means that sacrifices need to be made.

Realising your dream of living a coastal lifestyle in Surfers Paradise may require moving further away from loved ones, while choosing to settle in Teneriffe could impose financial challenges compared to a more rural location. Given the trade-offs involved, it's important to set your priorities in alignment with your values and long-term aspirations.

In setting out your priorities, also remember that 'perfect' will inevitably change over time. A common mistake people make is not fully accounting for the needs of their future selves. Bear in mind factors such as ensuing mobility, healthcare access, and other logistics that may become increasingly important as you age.

And in all things home planning, make sure to involve your loved ones in the process, prioritising together to ensure that you're aligned and moving forward in the same direction.

The financial implications

Choosing the right retirement home is a pivotal decision, often influenced by emotions. While it's natural to be emotional about such a choice, it's important to also make a well-informed financial decision.

In practice, this means working within your current and future financial means, anticipating tax implications, developing a sound down payment strategy, and evaluating your various mortgage options.

One mortgage option worthy of consideration is a reverse mortgage. Unlike traditional mortgages, a reverse mortgage doesn't require periodic payments, as Money Smart mentions. Rather, the agreed-upon interest rate is added to the outstanding balance, and the loan is generally paid off when the property is vacated.

Reverse mortgages, like all mortgage products, have various components that require careful consideration. To gain a comprehensive understanding, it may be beneficial to seek professional assistance.

Reach out to Ray White Surfers Paradise today to find the perfect retirement home for you.

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