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How to build a strong deposit

By Andrew Bell

If you are interested in buying a house, you likely know full well that one of the biggest challenges for most workers is the difficulty in saving up tens of thousands of dollars for a good-sized deposit. While it's almost never easy to do this, there are some strategies that will help you do so with less stress.

Where to begin

First and foremost, you should have a look at where your money goes today. There are plenty of things you may spend a few dollars here and there on that don't seem like a big deal, but in aggregate, they can be a big drain on your finances. Commbank notes that the more information you have on where your money goes, the better off you will be when it comes to setting a budget.

Cut your debts

One of the biggest financial issues many people have is that they are paying too much to manage their existing debt, especially if those balances have high interest rates (such as what you'll find on credit card debt). Concentrating on paying down the highest-interest balances first frees up a lot of money that would otherwise go to paying down interest, and helps get you out of debt more quickly — so that more money can go toward building a deposit.

Set the goal

A little research should help you figure out what kind of house you're looking for, and what that house typically costs. Knowing the latter will usually help you understand how much you need to save in the first place, according to The Balance. That, in turn, helps inform your long-term saving plans, especially if you also know when you want to be able to close the deal. The larger your initial deposit is, the lower your ongoing cost of borrowing is going to be, so it always helps to save as much money as you can before you pull the trigger on buying.

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