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How to be the interior designer of your dreams (on a budget)

By Andrew Bell

Whether you're ready to refresh a space that you've been living in for a while or are excited to spruce up a newly acquired house, interior designing can be a fun creative outlet. But the truth is that not everyone can afford to hire a professional. Designers can cost anywhere from $100-$300/hour, and so you might want to take a crack at it yourself. We're offering some of our best tips for decorating your living space while adhering to a reasonable budget.

Understand what you like

The best first step is to look at different design styles to help yourself understand what you like the best. Take note of popular interior designers online through Pinterest and Instagram. You can also subscribe to interior design magazines that showcase different styles and spotlight talented designers that you can learn from.

For example, you may be more drawn to contemporary design with neutral colors and clean lines. Or, you could be interested in a style that is more eclectic, like art deco. The more you learn about different kinds of interior design, the better you will be able to incorporate those elements into your own home. Instead of shopping at expensive home goods stores, you may be able to spot dupes at more affordable prices once you have a good eye for what you want.

Pick a starting place

Tackling your entire home might seem a little overwhelming at first, especially if you've never tried to style the inside of a house before. Begin with one room that you can play around with and have a little fun. Once you apply your chosen style to that room, you can feel more confident to move onto bigger spaces, like the living room or kitchen. To start, it could be something as simple as adding a rug to the space. 

You may not have the funds to redecorate your home all at once, but you can create a plan that can be fulfilled over time. Do what you can within the budget you have now, and work towards your dream interior design when you can. Because the average cost of painting a three-bedroom house in Australia ranges between $2,400, work on elevating other elements in your home that are more budget-friendly.

Think long term

When you're operating on a budget, it's best to design your home in a timeless style and not the trendy option that will wane in popularity in a few years. This way, your investment is a long-term one and won't require an update (and more money) down the road. For example, in 2020 and 2021 it was extremely popular to only have neutral colors in your living spaces — but that trend is slowly going out of fashion. Find timeless ways to decorate your home and your wallet will thank you later.

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