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How seriously should you take advice from TV shows like “The Block”?

By Andrew Bell

Art and entertainment so often plant the seeds in our brain that later grow into thoughts, ideas, plans, and actions. But when a programme offers actual direct advice – especially a “reality” show whose primary agenda is to entertain – then it’s best to look at things with a critical eye.

A show like “The Block” has had a massive effect on the way that Australians understand home sales and auctions, as well as the conditions and terminology often associated with each. And on a certain level, that’s a true accomplishment. But it’s very important that viewers understand that what plays out on screen is not representative of actual reality but instead is just a TV reflection of it.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when viewing a show like “The Block”, although they all lead back to the same point: When in doubt, consult the experts, not your television.

Not your average reserve price

The very nature of “The Block”, where contestants work to refurbish a building in anticipation of an auction sale, is very much guided by the reserve price set for those buildings. But for this reason, reserve prices on the show are often out of line with current market values, in order to better create drama. Additionally, the buildings themselves often achieve an inflated value as a result of the effect of “The Block” itself – which leads us to our next point.

The price of fame

The reserve prices aren’t the only element of the auctions on “The Block” that might be considered misleading (and that’s without even getting into the editing of the show, which obviously compresses things to an extent almost unreal).

The very presence of the buildings on the show often increases their value during auction. So a potential property owner (or seller) would be wise not to use the values achieved on the show as a model for their own plans or property. Because just like the products of a favourite brand, the buildings on “The Block” gain quite a bit of value just from the appearance on TV themselves.

Check your facts

At the end of the day, you can learn a lot about the residential real estate from “The Block”. But at the same time, you shouldn’t take any of the processes or values shown within it to be representative of the larger market, at least not without doing some double-checking first. If you have any questions about Gold Coast real estate, or want more information about residential properties, be sure to contact the team at Ray White Surfers Paradise.

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