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How family friendly is your potential new home?

By Andrew Bell

Moving into a new home with your family means putting in a little extra homework when it comes to researching an area. It's not as easy to let your heart rule your head, as there are all sorts of factors you will need to weigh up before buying Surfers Paradise real estate.

If you're relocating with your family, then these are just some of the key areas you'll need to think closely about. Remember to ask your real estate agent if there are any aspects of a neighbourhood you're unsure about, or could do with a little more information on.

Space, and plenty of it

Smaller properties might seem cosy on the first viewing, but ask yourself just how practical they would be in reality. After all, your children will start to demand their own space if they haven't already, which could make more compact homes difficult to cope with further down the line.

A decent living and dining area is important for those family meals you'll all enjoy, while the children will need bedrooms they can play and study in. There's also the fact you will no doubt have plenty of luggage you need to relocate into the home – is it likely to fit in the space you see?

Take a step back and ask yourself whether the space is sufficient and if it isn't, perhaps think about moving onto another Surfers Paradise property.

Outdoor areas

Encouraging children to enjoy the great outdoors is an important part of growing up, which is why exterior space can really benefit them when buying a home. This is especially true if there aren't any other easily accessible outdoor areas for you to enjoy, as it will give them an opportunity to get out into the open air and avoid being stuck in front of the TV.

Even a relatively small outdoor space can be used to its full potential. Think about getting the children involved in planting herbs and the general upkeep of the garden – these are all things that will add value to your home further down the line.

Access to schools

It might sound obvious, but you'll need to think carefully about what schools are in the area close to your Surfers Paradise property. If they will spend hours a day commuting to school and back again then this will soon start to take its toll.

This is something a real estate agent will be able to offer a helping hand with. They can find out more about school catchment areas to help you come to a well-informed decision on whether a home is right for you and your family.

Number of bathrooms

This might be one of the lesser-obvious points you've thought about, but having a proportionate number of bathrooms to the people in your house can be an advantage. For example, if you've got four people all waiting in line for the shower on weekday mornings, this can soon start to cause arguments!

If this is likely to become an issue, then think about looking for a property with ensuite facilities, or more than one bathroom. Even a separate downstairs toilet would help matters! This will at least whittle down the queue slightly and potentially avoid disagreements in the process.

For help finding your perfect family-friendly home in Surfers Paradise, make sure you give us a call. We're happy to lend a hand and find you a property that suits everyone's needs, no matter how specific they might be.

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