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How can you keep your garage looking as good as possible?

By Andrew Bell

A garage is a great addition to any property. Even though it’s not exactly a living space, you still need to give it attention and care on an ongoing basis — keeping up its function and appearance (both inside and outside).

The reason why is simple: If you’re thinking of listing your home, you want to present the garage as just another selling point for the property, but even if you’re not, you don’t want a small problem to develop into a big one.

Consequently, you should follow these helpful hints to ensure your garage looks as good as possible going forward:

Where to begin

The most prominent part of your garage is, no doubt, the door — and you need to care for it accordingly, according to Danley’s Garage World. That means repainting it if the structure starts to lose its lustre, and also making sure the mechanisms are in good working order to ensure you can get in and out easily. Here, too, you want to catch small issues before they develop into big ones, so if you identify a problem, you should fix it as soon as possible.

What not to forget

Your garage’s floor is probably its second-most important feature. Why? It’s literally the base on which the whole structure is built, and it can take a serious beating over the months and years. From cars and trucks to kids’ bikes, tools, foot traffic, water, mud, dirt and more, there’s just a lot that can damage the surface. If you notice any holes or cracks, patch them immediately.

Keep maintenance in mind

Howie’s Home Improvement cautioned that just like any other part of your house, your garage will likely need some ongoing attention to stay in top shape. That means making sure the mechanisms in the garage door opener are properly lubricated, clutter is cleared out regularly and the structure’s interior and exterior are checked every so often to make sure they’re in good shape.

When you’re taking better care of your garage to protect your investment before a home sale, you need to make sure you also do the prudent thing and partner with an experienced real estate professional. At Ray White Surfers Paradise, we can help you set yourself — and your property — up for success in the lead-up to a sale, then guide you through that process. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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