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How can you increase the privacy of your Surfers Paradise real estate?

By Andrew Bell

One of the biggest things that people look for when trying to find a slice of Surfers Paradise property that suits their needs is a home that can serve them up the amount of privacy they'd like.After all, being able to rest and relax in the safety of your own home shouldn't be compromised by easy outside access and a view of your backyard from the street or sky. Of course, there are some subtle and not-so-subtle ways to keep your privacy intact – here are some of the more common ways that people embrace a sheltered private life.

Outdoor obstruction for your backyard

Everyone wants to feel safe in their backyard. In your own outdoor sanctuary, you're free from the gaze of random people and their judgement. However, sometimes these properties can border on other homes, leading to reduced privacy and an overall lowered sense of security and safety. 

However, one classic way to help increase your backyard's privacy without undertaking some serious compound-esque wall construction is to simply plant or import a hedge. Going for the natural option immediately gives you home a cleaner, greener feeling in stark contrast to concrete or brick walls being build around your backyard – creating the atmosphere of keeping people out rather than locking you and your family in. 

Furthermore, these add another dimension to your garden. If you consider yourself a a green finger who loves to tend to nature, developing a strong, solid hedge is a brilliant way to give yourself another thing to take care of while also protecting your privacy. 

Another thing to consider could be the construction of a patio or pergola in your backyard. These installations act as a cover that you can put your garden chairs, barbecue and other lifestyle things under to protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays. However, these also have the silver lining of preventing people from seeing down into your backyard – perfect for those properties bordered on either side by high rise apartments or tall, extravagant houses. 

Window solutions for your home

After securing your outdoor spaces, it's time to move inside and begin looking into the options that can help increase and emphasise your internal security. One thing to consider is windows, especially if your Surfers Paradise property is a luxury space – these homes often have large windows to accommodate for a view of some sort and can make them extremely easy to see into from the street or surrounding buildings. 

For example, one option to consider for bathrooms, ensuites and other rooms where the need for privacy should be heightened could be frosted glass for any windows in the space. These are created by acid etching into the material and giving them a distorted, cloudy look that allows light in while distorting or blocking the view completely. When combined with window locks, these can be perfect for those who want to bathe with the window open for ventilation while removing the worry of being seen. 

Another avenue to consider is double-glazed windows, which have the additional benefit of insulating the space – providing more heat and helping keep the space warmer during the winter without the need for increased expenses or air conditioning. 

Buy in a secluded location

This is more of a preventative measure, but if you're worried about the overall privacy in your home, it could be worth considering buying in a secluded environment. This could mean considering new, up-and-coming communities where there aren't many people living yet or potentially finding a gated community that the public doesn't readily have access to. 

These are just some basic ideas for increasing your privacy at home. Get in touch with a real estate professional in Surfers Paradise to help you find the right type of property for you. 

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