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Housing Market to Grow Market Over Next 12 Months

By Andrew Bell

The latest report from the Housing Industry Association (HIA) has highlighted the nation's recovering real estate landscape, stating that the next 12 months will see the industry's strength continue to grow. 

This could be great news for anyone interested in securing real estate in Surfers Paradise in the coming months. 

HIA Senior Economist Shane Garrett said the recovering residential construction market will fill the space left by the declining mining industry, helping to stimulate the economy and promote further national growth. 

"New dwelling commencements are forecast to break the 165,000 threshold for only the second time in a decade. Our latest set of forecasts suggests that the housing industry will be one of Australia's good news stories over the next twelve months," said Mr Garrett in a February 28 statement. 

"This will be driven by much stronger activity in markets like NSW, Queensland and Western Australia." 

Now could be the perfect time to consider Surfers Paradise property. With the interest rates remaining low, the market beginning to recover and the impending population boom, the opportunity to secure your dream real estate in the region could be now. 

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