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Housing Construction Expected to Grow Following Red Tape Reduction

By Andrew Bell

With the impeding reduction in red tape across the Australian construction industry, now could be the perfect time to consider building Surfers Paradise property. As restrictions begin to loosen, housing obstacles begin to fall away – making it easier for buyers to build their dream homes. 

The federal government has committed to reducing the amount of red tape restrictions in the construction sector, which has been praised by a number of industry bodies. Master Builders Australia Chief Executive Officer Wilhelm Harnisch said the move would help to make building more attractive. 

"Building and construction is one of Australia's most intensely regulated industries and the nation's third largest employer. Cutting red tape will boost the productivity of the industry allowing it to generate more jobs and provide better value to consumers," said Mr Harnisch in a March 19 statement. 

He highlighted the hours wasted on people grappling with unnecessary paperwork, which often leads to a reduction in overall productivity and the number of jobs both undertaken and completed. 

These changes are just on the horizon, which could be great news for anyone interested in building their own slice of real estate in Surfers paradise

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