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Home interior paint shades: Light and exposure

By Andrew Bell

Whether you’re moving into a new house as a first-time buyer or you’ve owned your current home for years, the colour of the walls may play a bigger role in making you feel comfortable than you expect.

For that reason, you need to think carefully about the shade you’ll use on your home’s interior, based on not only your personal preferences, but also how much direct natural light various rooms receive throughout the day, and as seasons change. A lot of this is actually based on which direction a given room faces.

Cardinal choices

For instance, if you have a room where the windows mostly face north, experts generally urge that you use stronger tones on the cooler side of the palette, according to HouseLogic. Meanwhile, south-facing rooms allow for both cool and warm colours, with darks becoming noticeably brighter, and lights standing out even more.

For parts of the home with windows facing east, you would do well to make sure warm colours like red, orange and yellow greet the sunrise. West-facing rooms should also be relatively warm-coloured – especially if it’s a bedroom – to be more inviting in the mornings.

What about your lamps?

For much of the day, you may rely on artificial light in your home, and the kind of bulb you choose matters quite a bit, noted. Soft white light bulbs tend to make cooler colours look dull, but bring out even more brightness in warms. Fluorescent lights tend to have the opposite effect on cool shades, making them more vibrant.

You should also think of where those lamps are positioned. Those that come from above you (recessed ceiling lights, chandeliers, etc.) brighten up a space a lot more than floor or desk lamps. Meanwhile, running a string of lights around a room can make it feel warmer and more inviting no matter what colour the walls are.

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