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Growth In National Real Estate Sales Good News For Sellers

By Andrew Bell

Now could be the perfect time to consider selling your Main Beach real estate as the latest RP Data report has indicated an increasing profit for property sales across the nation. This could lead to many lucrative opportunities for sellers in the market.

According to the Pain and Gain report, there were 69,949 residential properties sold nationwide during the September quarter in 2013. From these, only 11.1 per cent recorded a loss from their original purchase price, with the gross total of losses totalling $488.1 million.

In contrast, 88.9 per cent of the properties sold during the September quarter earned a profit. The total amount earned across Australia reached $12.6 billion, which equates to an average profit of $202,546 per transaction.

Furthermore, 30.5 per cent of these sales made over 100 per cent in profit, which could be extremely encouraging for anyone considering selling their real estate in Surfers Paradise.

This strength in the developing market is expected to continue well into the new year, signaling that now could be the best time to begin investigating the options available to you and making headway with your Surfers Paradise property.

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