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Golden rules: How to have a dog in an apartment

By Andrew Bell

The rules around having dogs in apartments vary from building to building. If you’re wondering whether you could have a dog in your apartment, it’s important to check relevant by-laws. However, making the decision to bring a furry friend into your home isn’t just about what you’re allowed to do. You have to make sure there’s enough space for your dog to be happy at home.

What are the rules about having a dog in an apartment?

In strata blocks, regulations around pets are dealt with in the scheme’s by-laws. If there is a by-law that allows for pets, you may still be required to obtain permission from the body corporate. Assuming you do need to apply for permission, which is usually the case regardless of the type of animal, you’ll probably have to put it in writing. Include as much detail as possible about your intended pet so that the committee can make an informed decision. They may put some restrictions around their permission – such as use of communal areas.

Outside of strata blocks, it’s currently down to the landlord to decide whether or not you can keep a pet. At present, landlords are free to refuse requests according to their own criteria. However, under new rules due later this year, landlords can only refuse a pet under special circumstances. Tenants must still seek permission to keep a pet, but the landlord must have solid reasons for their refusal.

3 other things to consider before bringing a dog into your apartment

Space required

Some dogs spend much of their day resting and get enough exercise from their walks. However, other breeds are on the move all day and need enough space to run around. It’s not always a case of smaller dogs being best for apartments, as they’re often quite energetic. Additionally, apartment buildings tend to come with lots of stimulation and noise. For some dogs, this translates into a lot of barking or agitation.

Neighbour allergies

You are in close proximity to a number of other people, so it’s a good idea to consider how you’ll minimise the impact on any neighbours with allergies. This may involve keeping grooming to the outdoors or only taking your pet out through balcony doors rather than through communal spaces.

Temperature control

While you’re out at work, your dog is trapped in your apartment, unable to open a window or turn on the air conditioning. Think carefully about how you’ll manage this, considering when your apartment gets the sun and which rooms are most affected.

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