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Gold Coast University Hospital Move

By Andrew Bell

In the biggest hospital move in Australia's history, patients from the Gold Coast hospital in Southport have all been moved to a bigger and better facility.

Work on the Gold Coast University hospital in Parklands has been completed and all 219 patients from the Gold Coast hospital were safely transported 5 km down the road to the new facilities. The move took place in just two days.

Residents of Surfers Paradise property will be able to benefit from the new and improved hospital if they need it.

The 750-bed hospital will be able to serve 66 per cent more patients than the Southport hospital, which has since been closed. The new emergency room has four times the capacity of the old one.

Health Minister Lawrence Springborg said the move went smoothly and there was no need to use the allocated contingency time.

"The transition and the meticulous planning that underpinned it is a wonderful example of people working together to achieve a truly enormous task," he said.

Residents of Surfers Paradise or Main Beach real estate might be interested to know the hospital meals will also be improved.

A segway-style towing trolley will be used to deliver the new menu throughout the hospital, to ensure the food is kept hot.

The food will be put on the conveyor cold and heated up just before it is delivered. This also means patients will now be able to have toast for breakfast.

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