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Getting ready to sell your Gold Coast property

By Andrew Bell

Are you looking to move house in the near future? Well, before you officially list it for sale, you have some work to do to make it look more attractive on the market!

Follow these steps to help your home sell quickly:

Step 1. Do a deep clean

This is an important first step that you can’t skimp on. Do a deep clean throughout the entire house getting into all the nooks, crannies and even places that are out of sight. That means getting on top of the ceiling fan blades, or scrubbing the skirting board. If you have a big job in front of you, consider hiring a cleaning service to do the first round for you. That will make staying on top of it easier moving forward.

At the same time, get rid of any clutter lying around that could be distracting to buyers. They want to be able to visualise living in the space, and clutter clouds that vision. As long as your home is on the market, you’re going to have to keep it clean for when prospective buyers stop by.

Step 2. Get your house inspected

Hire a professional to do an inspection of your house. They’ll look for everything that would prevent a potential buyer from closing, like mould in the bathroom or poor electrical wiring. Even consider the outside of your property – are there some compromising branches hanging over your roof? You might not be bothered, but someone else looking at the house is just seeing a potential for damage should a big storm hit.

You want to find these things before a buyer does, and have them repaired, otherwise your house could be on the market for a long time.

Step 3. Paint over bold colours

You may be into that lime green bathroom, but it might not be as appealing to others. And, a house that looks like it is going to be a lot of work early on is normally going to be passed over for a house with quieter walls. Paint over any colours like this with more neutral shades like off-white or beige.

Step 4. Hire a professional photographer

At this stage your home should be ready to go on the market, but you don’t want to take pictures with your cellphone camera. Instead, hire a professional photographer who will do your home justice. These pictures are often the first impression people get, so you want them to be nothing but quality.

Once you’re officially ready to sell, it’s time to partner with a trusted real estate agent. Working with Ray White Surfers Paradise, you can trust that your home is in good hands – no one knows the area better than us! Contact our team today.

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