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Getting into Gold Coast property over the festive season

By Andrew Bell

The Christmas season is certainly upon us, with signs of festive cheer surfacing across the sunny Gold Coast. However, with so much running around to do, picking up presents and meeting friends and family, a number of people may put their dreams of finding the perfect Surfers Paradise property on hold. 

However, you shouldn't call it a day just yet, as there are still opportunities to be had now and in the New Year. We talked to CEO of Ray White Surfers Paradise, Andrew Bell about what lies in store this holiday season. 

Is Christmas a good time to look for property? 

Commonly over Christmas, you'll find that most real estate agents and owners tend to get caught up in the business of the holiday season and New Year, notes Mr Bell. This can result in a shortage of properties, but it can also mean that in the week before and after Christmas you'll find there is less competition as a lot of the buyers won't be actively looking.

"If you are an active buyer, it is actually a pretty good time to take advantage of there being less competition," Mr Bell says. "As soon as the week after Christmas is over, it's game on."

Once the festivities begin to die down and we're no longer hearing carols on the radio, the New Year is expected to bring a record number of visitors to the Gold Coast.

This could be due in part to Hong Kong Airlines beginning to fly to the Gold Coast from January, a development expected to bring 5,000 more tourists to our shores according to Tourism Minister Kate Jones. 

"With so many people coming over on holiday, from other states as well as overseas, they end up falling in love with the place and we have our biggest sales of the year," Mr Bell says. 

What if I am missing out on property?

If you are looking to secure a lease over the festive season, but find yourself coming up short every time, there could be a few explanations.

Whenever you meet with the agent face to face, take a close look at how you are presenting yourself,  as they will be passing information on to the owner. 

Think of house hunting as being akin to a job application, and accept that you will most likely be competing against numerous people. You want to present yourself in the best light, and showing up in thongs and a t-shirt might not help you to achieve this. 

"Ask yourself if there could be something in your past history that is causing the agent to hesitate," notes Mr Bell, who lists moving constantly, previous evictions and unreliable employment as potential red flags. 

How can I find the right property over Christmas time? 

Mr Bell advises that while the internet is an incredible source of information for those looking to buy it can also be fairly overwhelming. With so much to trawl through, it can make it difficult to single out the properties you want to pursue. 

However, a more traditional format could prove to be more fruitful for keen buyers, as a growing number of properties are being advertised in the Gold Coast Bulletin. Here you can find a nice selection that can be a lot easier to navigate, so it's well worth your while to consult both digital and print media. 

If you're looking for the ultimate Christmas present, get in touch with the team at Ray White Surfers Paradise to start the journey towards your new home. We can also help you with rentals in Surfers Paradise, so don't hesitate to contact us today

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