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Essential scents that are a must-try for your home

By Andrew Bell

A simple scent has the potential to transport us back to a specific memory, or completely change our mood. For this reason, it’s important that the scents embraced in your Gold Coast property are those that promote positive wellbeing and nostalgia.

Citrus fruits

For those who lead a busy lifestyle or work in fast-paced workplaces, a diffuser with a zesty citrus scent is the perfect pick-me-up to energise you before a long day on the job. The sharp, fresh smell of lemon and lime works as a sensory alarm clock, shocking the senses awake. This scent has a major impact on your mood, too. According to a study by the Yamaguchi University in Japan, lemon oil has an anti-stress effect.

In addition to the emotional benefits, citrus fruits are high in vitamin C, and are known as natural fighters of bacteria and colds. To boost your immunity as winter approaches, try bring citrus into your diet, whether it’s adding a few pieces of grapefruit to a seasonal salad, or having a cup of hot lemon and honey tea before bed.

Vanilla essence

The calling card of home baked goods and delicious sweets, it’s no wonder that the scent of vanilla invokes feelings of comfort and happiness, elevates mood and promotes a sense of joy. Luckily, vanilla is a fairly easy scent to bring into the household. With countless scented candles and wax melts available, there’s plenty of variations on the vanilla scent, so you’re sure to find the perfect blend for your Gold Coast property. A concoction of strawberry and vanilla creates a bakery vibe in the home, while an extra note of salted caramel instantly transforms your room into a sweet shop – delicious!

Pine trees

The fresh smell of pine reminds us of Christmas, where we venture out with our loved ones to find the perfect tree to decorate and revel in the holiday glow. This association with family and bonding makes pine a great scent for alleviating stress and anxiety. As pine is often overpowering, we’d recommend approaching the dispersal of this scent with a light hand – a few drops of a pine scented oil in trinket dishes around the house is enough to create a blissful atmosphere of unity.

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