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DIY tasks to prioritise when selling your home

By Andrew Bell

First impressions count for a lot when it comes to selling your real estate in Surfers Paradise, which is why you simply can't afford to neglect those DIY tasks you've been postponing. Even just the simplest of changes can make a big difference to a prospective buyer, which is why you should dedicate a day or two to carrying them out.

Here are some relatively inexpensive tasks that could make the right impression on anyone who comes to view your property.

1. Clean the carpet

When was the last time you gave your carpets a thorough clean? A good vacuum simply won't cut it when you're selling your home, especially if you have pets, or if the floor covering has been in place for a long period of time.

It's possible to rent a carpet cleaning device, or to get someone in to do it for you. Not only will your home look fresher, but it will also smell much better too.

2. Minor repairs

We've all got a door that won't quite close properly or a dripping tap we've never got round to sorting. Well now is your chance!

You will be surprised at just how little time it takes to make these relatively minor repairs and they'll give the impression to buyers that your home is easy to take care of. Write a list of what needs doing and set an afternoon aside. The jobs will be finished in no time at all.

3. Clean bathroom tiles

The thought of scrubbing away at bathroom tiles isn't very appealing to most people, which is why homeowners tend to put it off. However, a grimy bathroom is likely to be an immediate turn-off for anyone looking around your property.

There are plenty of different cleaners available, or you can make your own using a baking soda and water solution. Mix the two together to form a paste and scrub away using a toothbrush – it really is that simple!

4. Trim back hedges

It's all too easy to neglect the outside of your Surfers Paradise property when it goes up for sale, despite this being the first thing your prospective buyers will see. If there are hedges surrounding your home, take steps to trim them back so they appear neat and tidy.

Again, this is something you can get done professionally or complete yourself. If you don't have the tools, see if a friend or neighbour will lend you them.

5. Clean the front door

Now you've dealt with your hedges, it's time to focus on the front door. Again, this will be one of the items that gives a first impression of your home, so it pays to make it shine.

A simple wash down can make a difference, or if the paint is flaking away, spend an hour or two stripping it back and applying a new coat. If the doorbell isn't working or the knocker is broken, this is an ideal opportunity to address those at the same time.

6. Tidy up

It might sound obvious, but having a quick tidy round is essential when selling your home. Anyone who is thinking about buying will see the clutter and automatically think there's a lack of space or storage – two requirements likely to be high up on their wish lists.

In the event that storage is lacking in your home, buy a few affordable baskets, boxes or whatever else you need to keep items out of view. They will always be useful when you move to your new property.

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