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Designing your holiday home: Things to consider when buying Surfers Paradise property

By Andrew Bell

Looking into the market for residential property is a pretty straightforward process. After all, you'll be living in your home for the majority of your time, which means you'll be wanting the usual creature comforts that make a house as comfortable as possible.

However, when it comes to purchasing holiday real estate in Surfers Paradise, you'll find the world is your oyster as you begin to envision all the fun things to be seen and done around the place. When it comes to things like storage and design, naturally these features are going to be a lot different from your regular home – after all, you don't often have things like boats and jet skis sitting around your suburban home!

Here are some common things to keep in mind when it comes to finding or building your own holiday property and making the most of the opportunities available to you. 

Storage spaces 

The thing with holiday homes is that they're often used as an escape from your everyday life, which means there is the potential for there to be a whole host of hobby-related items being kept at the property. Things like water sports gear and extreme sports equipment is usually left at the holiday homes, rather than trekking it back and forth between your two properties every trip. 

One thing to consider could be turning a spare room into a pseudo-sports closet, where you can install things like racks for surfboards or overhead hooks for wetsuits and other related items. However, it can be difficult to bring larger items like jet skis into your home, which is where having a safe, secure garage can come in handy. 

Security measures

Naturally, security will be one of your bigger concerns. Because you'll be away for the majority of the year, taking precautions to avoid break-ins during these periods should be of the utmost concern. The best way to avoid this is to install a security system that can act as a deterrent to any would-be criminals scoping out your home. 

This can work really well in conjunction with becoming friends with some of the people who live in the area full time. If they hear the alarm, they could be willing to go and check it out and take the necessary moves to help prevent a crime from being committed. 

Furthermore, installing a fence around your backyard that obscures the view of your living area could be another way to stop people from making opportunistic moves. This also has the added benefit of providing you with more privacy when you're occupying the house. 

Ease of cleaning

If your holiday home is beachside, something to be keenly aware of is just how much sand will get tracked in by people coming in from time on the beach. This can cause headaches for properties with carpeted floors, requiring regular vacuuming and taking away from your vacation experience. 

One way to combat this is to find or build a property with wooden floors. This way, you can simply sweep the sand out the door with ease and get back to enjoying the good life. Installing outdoor taps for the sole purpose of washing sandy feet is a quick, easy way of stopping the problem before it even begins. 

Choosing a stone or brick property could also mean needing to seal the stone on a semi-regular basis. Salty air coming up from the ocean can erode and damage your exterior, so it's important to take proactive measures to help prevent this – or at least reduce the effects. 

These are just some things to consider when looking for a holiday home in Surfers Paradise. Get in touch with a real estate expert today to make your dreams become a reality. 

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