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Create the ultimate summer outdoor entertainment area

By Andrew Bell

With summer just around the corner, now could be the perfect time to begin looking into ways to make your Surfers Paradise property into the ultimate outdoor entertainment pad. Become the envy of all your neighbours and saviour of friends and family with these hot design tips. 

Seamless transitions from indoor to outdoor

One of the staples of a great entertainment area is a flawless indoor-outdoor flow, which often involves a deck or patio leading out from a kitchen and dining room area. Now could be the perfect time to consider building your own deck or revamping the one you already have in anticipation for summer. 

When you're looking into doing this, the main thing to consider is that it's big enough to hold a table and multiple chairs comfortably. If you're going to be having a number of outdoor barbecues and parties, accommodating all your guests when it comes to meal time is important. 

Furthermore, having an awning or patio cover established could be a good idea to provide shade for those scorching days where you want to be outside but not get burnt to a crisp. Think of it as an outdoor extension of the house – somewhere that can be enjoyed all summer long without the health risks of long-term sun exposure. 

Consider installing a pool

If it tickles your fancy, installing a pool is a great investment for the spring and summer months as the weather begins to heat up. Think about it: spending the oppressively hot days floating in your own cool paradise in the backyard – pure, unadulterated bliss. 

Of course, this can be a complicated things to organise. Before going ahead with it, you'll get council approval for the construction. And from there you will need to create a fence around the perimeter in order to protect small children from getting into troublesome situations without the watchful eye of an adult. 

Another thing to consider is that you may have to cut down or trim back trees that are located near the fence. If people can use these as a way to circumvent the fence and climb over, there could be a multitude of problems that arise. 

Revamp your landscaping

After building a deck and installing a pool, it'd be a bit of a let down to keep your landscaping looking drab. Start by thinking about the types of plants you want and how much time you want to spend looking after them. Ferns look stunning, while there are plenty of low-maintenance flowers available as well.

There are plenty of options for everyone – from the green thumbs through to those who wouldn't know the difference between a spade and a hoe. Furthermore, think of the aesthetic you'd like to achieve, whether it's clean and simple or a tropical jungle paradise. Furthermore, water features such as fountains are a wonderful way of giving yourself that edge of difference from other homes, while giving your backyard a wonderful focal point. 

Provide comfortable outdoor furniture

Comfortable outdoor furniture doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, aiming for the Scandinavian rustic look can create a distinguished, neo-vintage aesthetic for your home that friends and family alike will love. Going to antique stores and finding your furniture there can offer a mismatched charm and help tie the whole backyard together.

Imagine it: sitting up on your new deck in quaint chairs with friends, watching the kids play in the pool with your new garden as the perfect backdrop to an Australian summer. These are just some ideas to consider for your real estate in Surfers Paradise over the coming months. 

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