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Could apartment living be for you?

By Andrew Bell

If you’ve always lived in houses or flats, you won’t have experienced the convenience and privacy of apartment living. There’s so much apartment real estate on the Gold Coast, and if you’re thinking about buying a new home, a high-rise property could be your best option.

Of course, before you buy you’ll likely have to sell your existing home, and the team at Ray White Surfers Paradise can handle that. Here’s what you need to know about apartment living:

You won’t have to worry about property maintenance

You won’t have any lost weekends to gardening or repainting the house when you live in an apartment. The property manager or body corporate will take care of these sorts of issues. There is an annual charge associated with this though (the body corporate fee) which includes all maintenance costs and is the same for each person in the building in most cases.

If you have an elevator in your building, the body corporate fee also covers things like having that regularly serviced. The same goes for security services like a guard or CCTV monitoring.

You’ll have to get used to the smaller living space

Unless you buy one of the many (very expensive) premium apartments around the Gold Coast, you’ll likely be downsizing by buying an apartment. This won’t take long to get used to, but it is a different way of living. You might not be able to fit all of your furniture in your new home, or lay it out in the way you’re used to.

Living in a smaller space means less cleaning though, which will appeal to many. Apartment living is excellent for a couple or someone living alone because of the smaller living area.

Parking can be a burden

If your apartment doesn’t come with allocated parking, getting that perfect carpark can be a struggle. Everyone else in the building has their eye on the best parking spots, and when someone leaves one, there’s a mad dash to be first to fill it!

Even if there is allocated parking, you likely won’t have more than one carpark, so any visitors will need to find other places to leave their cars. If you’re big on entertaining, keep parking in mind when choosing which apartment to buy.

Apartment living is very different to being in a house, but it has advantages – especially if you don’t like the maintenance of a larger property. For more information about available apartments on the Gold Coast, get in touch with Ray White Surfers Paradise today.

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