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Cleaning your bathroom with pantry staples

By Andrew Bell

There is nothing better than having a shiny clean bathroom, but grime can build up faster than we can anticipate. However there’s no need to splash out on fancy cleaning supplies for your Surfers Paradise property – transform your cleaning routine with these pantry staples.

1. Vinegar does it all

Head to the supermarket and stock up on white vinegar. When it comes to cleaning bathrooms, vinegar is a jack-of-all trades. A great natural bleach and acidic enough to break down stains, vinegar is often used on carpets to get rid of red wine stains, however, it’s fantastic for maintaining white bench-tops and ceramics too. After washing your toilet, follow up with a quick scrub through of vinegar to keep a gleaming shine.

If your water pressure seems to have deteriorated over a period of time, chances are your shower head is backed up with mould. Fill a sandwich bag with vinegar and fasten it around the shower head with a rubber band, and leave it to soak. The vinegar will break down the grime lodged in the head, and your water flow will return to it’s former glory.

A concoction of vinegar, rubbing alcohol and water is the perfect recipe for a window, shower curtain and mirror cleaning spray for a streak-free shine.

2. Shine your mirror with shaving foam

Your mirror can be made fog-free with a little help of shaving foam. Simply apply the shaving foam to your foggy mirror, wipe it away with a cloth and voilà – you’ll have a clear mirror to get ready in front of.

3. Ditch grime with black tea

One of the biggest headaches of the bathroom is grime build up around the shower screen or curtain. Black tea works great at getting rid of grime build up, and preventing it’s return. Dip a micro-fibre cloth into a cup of black tea and wipe down your shower curtain in the susceptible areas – you’ll definitely notice a decrease in the grime grow-back.

4. Clean chrome and ceramic with grapefruit

The acid content of citrus fruits make them perfect for breaking down grime on difficult surfaces. Halve a grapefruit and scrub your chrome taps or the sides of your bathtub, and watch the grime disappear before your eyes. If stains are tougher to remove, add a sprinkle of salt to the fruit to add an extra layer to your scrubbing power, just like a sweet smelling exfoliant for your bathroom.

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