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Choosing the right apartment for your lifestyle

By Andrew Bell

From apartments in Main Beach to villas, sprawling estates and glamorous waterside homes, the variety of properties in Surfers Paradise is almost endless. There are a lot of things to think about when you're deciding which property type to purchase. The depth of your finances come into play, as does your location preferences. But the major factor to keep in mind is your lifestyle. Picking a property that fits your day-to-day life is extremely important – and you will probably enjoy the experience a lot more, too. 

Those of you who love a dinner party, social mixer or just a simple barbecue will appreciate certain features in a home over others. Here are some ideas to guide you on your property hunt. 

The entertainer

If you were born to host and entertain, a sizeable, functional and well-designed kitchen is  likely at the top of  your wish list. Look for Surfers Paradise property with masses of storage and open floor space – cluttered kitchens make large-scale catering difficult.

Consider how much natural light floods into the room. It can be difficult to change a dim or dingy kitchen without extensive renovations. Of course, you can customise to your own personal tastes, but the good bone structure will make the process much easier.

Keep an eye out for wear and tear. Faulty kitchens are not only a headache but a hazard to the user. Test taps, enquire about electricity and gas connections and check the surface quality of benches and sinks during the inspection process. Appliances also fall into this category – vendors generally leave their oven and hob behind, but check to see what equipment you will need to bring. This area will be getting a lot of use so it needs to be in relatively good condition.

Next, think about the floor plan. A home used for entertaining needs to be open and spacious, with a good amount of flow between rooms. Older, suburban homes might have distinctly separate rooms, while modern apartment buildings or new developments generally offer more open plan living.  If you are constantly moving back and forth between the kitchen and the dining area, a modern home with less navigating might suit your purposes. Your guests will also appreciate the extra space to socialise.

Convenience factor

Parking is another feature. Consider what public transport routes are convenient, off street parking and parking facilities.

Think about outdoor spaces throughout your property search. Entertaining outdoors is popular in Queensland's tropical climate and many homes have indoor-outdoor flow perfect for socialising. However, shelter over these areas is equally important – enclosed patios, terraces or verandahs double as sun and rain protection while creating a private space for entertaining guests. Consider outdoor rooms, where the interior of the home blends into the outdoors; outdoor lighting; shade; and size. 

Water is a prominent element of life in Surfers Paradise. An ocean outlook in a high rise apartment might be enough, but a large number of homes have a swimming pool. Blurring the boundary between the home and the pool is a common design feature, while water features also bring the soothing sound of trickling water to your parties. 

Consider the location of your property relative to shops, such as florists, delicatessens, bakeries and supermarkets. Convenience is a big factor in everyday living, but the ability to duck to the grocery store when you're an avid entertainer is beneficial. 

Whether you're a maestro at dinner parties, a casual caterer or a professional party host, get in touch with the real estate experts at Ray White Surfers Paradise. Their wealth of local knowledge can help you find the perfect property to fit your preferences. 

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