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Can you relive your youth in Surfers Paradise?

By Andrew Bell

Being able to revisit our childhood is a wish most of us have sooner or later. There's often stuff we didn't do, things we want to do again or even just the notion of, "how did I get here?"

Nevertheless, with Surfers Paradise property, while you may not be able to buy time, you can certainly bribe it.

Real estate in Surfers Paradise can provide an avenue for you to relive your adolescence, as it is overflowing with an abundance of vibrant energy to make you feel 18 again.

The Gold Coast City Council stated that the vision of the Surfers Paradise community is to continue its role as an international tourist attraction, a world famous beach where people come to visit and live, to work and to play.

Doc Brown and Marty McFly were misleading us. You can't travel back in time, or even forward, for that matter. But here are a few ways you can relive your childhood in Surfers Paradise – certain to be more effective than purchasing a DeLorean or a nifty new pair of shoes.


If you wish that you'd learnt how to surf when you were younger, Surfers Paradise (the name says it all, really) is the place to right that wrong. According to the Gold Coast Council, it has the highest number of surfers per capita in the world.

You don't need to actually surf to experience the obvious cool factor. Just turn up with a board on the roof of your vehicle, before strutting onto the beach with your whip under one arm – you'll be instantly ten years younger.

If you do want to venture out into the water, however, there are a number of health benefits – including cardiovascular and muscle exercise and stress relief. 

Regardless of whether you learn from a friend or the local club, surfing is a great way to meet new people and relive your youth.

The nightlife

Did you spend your weekends holed up inside doing homework and watching re-runs of Back to the Future? Fortunately, Surfers Paradise offers a whole lot more when it comes to things to do in the late (and early) hours, regardless of the day.

The council states that there are around 20,000 permanent residents, and around about the same number of overnight visitors every day.

This huge influx of arrivals has resulted in late night shopping every day of the week, to complement the array of nightclubs, pubs and bars all within a two kilometre range.

And what's more, you could be going out with different people every night!

Sporting events

Do you ever regret not being involved in more sports while you were in your prime? Now, rather then participate, it might be easier to spectate – Surfers Paradise hosts an array of sporting spectacles every year.

Among these is the world-renowned V8 Supercars on the streets of Main Beach real estate.

This is a three day event, considered by many to be the biggest weekend of entertainment in the Gold Coast area. Attractions from the annual occasion include cold beverages, models, live international music and believe it or not, motor-racing!

To make the offer even sweeter, the Gold Coast is set to host the 2018 Commonwealth Games. 

Why invest in real estate in Surfers Paradise?

It's easy to see the appeal that Main Beach real estate holds. It is a great market for rentals in Surfers Paradise, with the inpouring of visitors every day to take advantage of the many attractions it offers.

If you would like expert advice for making an investment in Surfers Paradise property and reliving your childhood (minus the mullet), get in touch with the team at Ray White.

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