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Can this $20million development make your life on the Gold Coast even sweeter?

By Andrew Bell

With an average of 3.3 per cent GDP growth rate per annum, Australia is boasting the highest forecast for economic growth across major countries within the developed world, according to the Australian Benchmark Report. Add to this the fact that CoreLogic RP Data reports the Gold Coast, besides being a gorgeous place to call home, is also the fastest-growing property market across all of Queensland, and you have yourself a pretty attractive outlook.

The Gold Coast is one of those places in the world where, no matter your age, there is always something to do and see. Be it family time at one of the theme parks, adventure exploration at one of the nearby attractions nature has to offer, or indulgence at the shopping mall – at the Gold Coast, you have it all.

"But what about the growing population and thus, the increased demand for new things to do?", you may ask. Well, you're in luck because these truly are great times to be living at or moving to this precinct of great living. 

What has been on the radar previously?

Two years ago, the Gold Coast Bulletin wrote an article about a proposed development at 502 Hope Island Road. Back then, speculations were for an urban village to cover 12.4 hectares consisting of convenience retail space within 6,000 square meters, showrooms across 13,000 square meters and office space and apartments worth 850 bedrooms organised around 5,000 square meters. Now if you look at that, those are a lot of impressively high numbers.

Back in 2014, developers Grant McLennan and Leslie Aynsley talked about 10-storey and four-storey buildings as part of the vibrant village adding some flair to what they envisioned as a safe neighbourhood. Zoned as Urban Residential, the proposal back then aimed to have a sustainable focus as well, protecting the scenic value of Saltwater Creek close by. 

These are exciting times

Fast forward two years and what you have is the blossoming development of a $20million expansion project that is part of the master plan above. 

The Gold Coast Bulletin only recently announced the commencement of work on what is now dubbed stage six of the northern site. Homeworld Helensvale is now proudly awaiting the completion of a massive 16-pump Caltex with a Star Mart convenience store.

But that is far from all. Negotiations for half the tenancies are already in progress, with Macpro Properties managing director Grant McLennan stating the project will not only increase but double the size of Homeworld in the coming years, adding yet another point to the Gold Coast's attractive opportunities.

With a possible investment of $300-400million into the project, the current stage of development covers the 6,000 square meters of convenience space initially proposed two years ago, so the Gold Coast Bulletin reports. The expansion fits in perfectly with the Gold Coast Planning Scheme for Helensvale town centre, which also includes the Helensvale Railway Station. 

McLennan, according to the Gold Coast Bulletin, further speaks about the increased demand for property on the Gold Coast, which is attracting both expanding and up-and-coming businesses to the area. As such, the project seamlessly flows into the long-term strategy of the Gold Coast government to expand the area. Stage six, according to the Gold Coast Bulletin, will be completed by the end of next year.

And in case you are worrying about the traffic flow suffering because of this project, rest assured that there are plans to alleviate the pressure it may potentially cause.

The Gold Coast is one of the country's most admired spots. Are you thinking about all the possibilities living here could have for you? Get in touch with our team at Ray White Surfers Paradise today to have a chat.

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