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Benefits of Living in Gated Communities

By Andrew Bell

Families and retirees alike are fast choosing to move into gated communities which is something to keep in mind if you are looking at Surfers Paradise property.

Gated communities have a reputation for being safer, so many young families choose this option because it allows their kids to play on the streets with minimal danger.

Traffic is limited to residents and visitors of the community, who must use a key card or other control to enter the neighbourhood.

Other benefits include the shared facilities. Residents have access to features such as swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses and barbecues – all just metres from their home.

This encourages neighbours to get to know each other and the shared facilities offer the chance to bond.

A body corp carries out maintenance of the shared areas including the internal roads and other communal areas, but houses need to be maintained to a high standard.

If you like to entertain or lead an active lifestyle, then real estate in Surfers Paradise might be a great option. There are gated communities in Hope Island, Paradise Point, Sanctuary Cove, Southport and the central city itself.

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