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Are you active enough around the house?

By Andrew Bell

Purchasing Main Beach real estate means getting an all-day, all-year pass to some of the most beautiful outdoor areas on the planet – our lovely beachfronts, as well as the winding waterways that extend throughout the Gold Coast. 

But do you consider yourself to have an active lifestyle? According to a new report from the Heart Foundation, Blueprint for an Active Australia, 80 per cent of Australian children aren't getting the recommended 60 minutes of exercise each day, while 60 per cent are spending more than two hours every day in front of a screen of some type. On top of this, the Heart Foundation notes that 26 per cent of Australians do either very little exercise or none at all. 

There's so much to do around your Surfers Paradise property that can help your own personal active lifestyle, which also has great benefits for the wider community as well – what could you or your local government be doing? 

Ditch the car

If you live in Surfers Paradise property, your backyard is effectively one of the world's biggest playgrounds. Racecourses, parks, rivers, commercial areas and shopping centres are all within arm's reach – you could perhaps consider whether you need to use your car to get around as often!

Additionally, the recent expansion of the Gold Coast light rail means there is efficient public transport all around the Gold Coast – ideal for a more active lifestyle. Public transport is recommended by the Heart Foundation as a viable alternative to taking a car, alongside walking and cycling – these also fit in nicely with the government's wider economic and social goals! 

Hit the links

"If we think of physical activity as a medication and its adult dose as 30-60 minutes per day, there is scarcely anything else we could take daily that would provide such comprehensive health benefits," the Heart Foundation report reads. 

With this in mind, those who live in Surfers Paradise real estate might want to check out some of the great physical activities on offer that could be the ideal task for after work. From the simple walks around the luscious parks or playing a round of golf to something more extreme, there is plenty of fun to be had while you do this! 

Just over in Southport is the world-class Gold Coast Aquatic Centre, where you could do a few laps in the morning. Fitness centres, kayaking opportunities and, of course, surfing are all popular physical activities that people undertake up and down the coast – there's something for everyone. 

What are the benefits?

As we mentioned earlier, the active lifestyle on offer in Surfers Paradise doesn't just help you – it can boost the liveability of the city as a whole. The Heart Foundation report noted that cities that are conducive to a physically active environment tend to have better social capital, lower crime rates, healthier populations (especially among the ageing), and a fitter workforce means more productivity through less sick days.

Something as simple as walking or taking the light rail also reduces traffic congestion, as well as helping the environment. There are numerous positive effects from an active lifestyle, and there are few places as well-equipped to help people get out and about as the Gold Coast.

If you're wondering how to get amongst this kind of better living, Ray White Surfers Paradise has the answer. We help people of all backgrounds find their ideal Surfers Paradise real estate, from top floor apartments to waterside family homes. Give us a call to discuss what you want and what you need, and we'll work tirelessly to make it happen. 

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