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9 things to look for during a property inspection

By Andrew Bell

When buying property, one mustn’t forget a very important step before signing a contract: the inspection. This is your opportunity to gauge the structure of the property and come to a true understanding of what you’re about to buy.

A good inspection covers a few primary things:

  • Allows you to see the property up close.
  • Lets you and a professional identify any problem areas.
  • Helps you determine whether the asking price is fair.

Ready? Here are nine things to look for during a property inspection.

1. The roof

Roofs are essential and expensive, and a small problem can quickly become a large issue. Make sure the roof of the property is structurally intact and will last for a few more years. If not, make sure the cost of roof repairs are factored into the sale price.

2. The HVAC system

Heating and cooling are essential for habitable spaces. If you plan to rent the property, a poor HVAC system could lead to issues with tenants.

3. The electric system

How sound is the wiring in the building? Can the property survive a power surge? These are questions to answer before deciding to purchase.

4. The foundation

Make sure this part of the building is stable, and keep an eye out for water damage caused by poorly constructed drain pipes.

5. The flooring

Check for soft spots and look out for mould. Also, look for wood-eating insects like termites and carpenter ants.

6. The plumbing

If you’re looking at an older building, see if it still has a septic system. If left unattended or forgotten about, septic systems can collapse and cause incredible damage to the building and yard.

7. The yard

While you’re checking the septic system, have a look around outside. Make note of things like drainage away from the house, standing water, the condition of the walkways and the presence or absence of plant life.

8. Pests

Wood-eating pests are one thing to look for, but don’t forget to look for other vermin like poisonous spiders, rodents, cockroaches, wasps and others.

9. Hazardous materials

If the property is several decades old, it may have been built with materials that were later discovered to be harmful to humans or pets. Check for things like asbestos, lead paint and poisonous gases.

Purchasing your next property

If an inspection shows your property to have issues, don’t worry. You may be able to get a deal by removing the cost of repairs from the asking price. Ray White Gold Coast can help you find the property you’re looking for, whether that’s a commercial warehouse or a multi-family building.

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