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6 warning signs your roof needs repairs

By Andrew Bell

One thing you should look at before selling a home is the roof. If it needs repairs and has been neglected, this can bode ill for any chances of selling at a profit. Buyers will take one look and wonder what other things might be hidden below the surface of a new coat of paint and pretty laminate flooring. Here are seven things you should check in case your roof needs repairs.


Is your roof older than 20 years? If the answer is yes, start checking it closely. Odds are, you’ve already had some problems you don’t yet know about. Brace yourself for leaks, missing shingles, and even wood rot.


Darkened areas on your roof could be missing shingles or shingles which have degraded and lost most of their protective coating. It’s best to determine now if there is further damage hidden beneath darkened areas of your roof, or if you’re just in time to replace it.

Sand on your property

If you live nowhere near the ocean, but sand starts showing up around your home, look for deteriorating shingles as a potential culprit. The shingle composite surface looks a lot like sand as it starts to come loose and scatter about your lawn.

Vanished shingles

Shingles can become weak and fragile over time, breaking off piece by piece and falling away to be swept up with garden refuse. Alternately, loose shingles can be blown off completely by storms, ending up blocks or miles away. Missing shingle leave openings that can quickly allow water to seep through, compromising the integrity of your underlayment, flashing, and eventually your ceilings.

Water damage

Stain on your ceilings or bubbling of paint are both signs of water damage coming from above. You may also notice wood rot or peeling of outside paint under your eaves. A roof that needs replacing may start to leak slowly at first, becoming worse and worse until visible damage is evident. Even small cracks in your roof can lead to mould and mildew in an insufficiently ventilated attic or crawl space, causing damage and health issues for your family.

Bad appearance

If your roof looks bumpy, wavy, or uneven from the ground, it might be time to call a professional with a ladder. They could find exposed nail heads, missing shingles or shingles that have begun to curl at the edges, a clear sign of decay and the end of useful life. Ask them to report any missing flashing, or areas where the roof appears to sag, indicating serious damage to the substructure.

If any of these warning signs apply to your roof, it is probably time to call a roofer to repair the damage or replace your roof before it goes up for sale. At Ray White Surfers Paradise, we can help you throughout the home selling process, so get in touch today to learn more.

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