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6 things to do before showing your home

By Andrew Bell

Whether you are planning an open house for many visitors to stop into your home before a sale, or you will just be showing one seller around the property, you need to make sure everything is in top shape. However, there may be more to doing so than you might realise.

With that in mind, you would do well to review the following suggestions and make sure you make your home as presentable as possible:

1) Set out some potted plants

Everyone likes to visit a home that gets plenty of sunlight and is just a healthy environment overall, and plants are a great way to do that. Homelight advises that you actually start outside, with some bright, beautiful plants in pots on the front step. These can seem quite welcoming to visitors.

2) Keep the lawn well-manicured

Along similar lines, you probably know all about the importance of kerb appeal — and nothing says you put the hard work into maintaining your property inside and out like freshly cut grass. When you know you have people coming over, this task shouldn’t take very long and can really pay off.

3) Clean from top to bottom

You likely also recognise the importance of making sure your home is nice and clean before a showing. That cleanliness should extend to every part of your property, according to Houzz. Getting the clutter out of closets, the garage and even the attic might be necessary to appeal to all buyers.

4) Spray some air freshener

You may not notice it very much, but your home almost certainly has its own distinct smell that can be quite apparent to people who have never been there before — and they might not find it pleasant. A great way to combat this is by installing air purifiers and fresheners: Use the ones that work gradually so you don’t have that “they just sprayed” scent lingering in the air. Another way to deal with this issue is by baking some fresh cookies for the people attending the showing: The treats will create a wonderful and overwhelming scent.

5) Let the light in

Every corner of your home should be well-lit for the showing, whether by natural sunlight or lamps set up throughout your home. All that extra light can actually make any room look bigger and more welcoming, which can be critical to presenting every space in the best way possible. Ideally, you will schedule a showing for a time when the sun hits your home in that just-right way, but that’s not always feasible, so lamps can make the difference.

6) Make the home seem pet-free

As much as you may love your furry or feathered friends, there are some buyers who might be turned off by a home where it’s obvious that a dog, cat bird or any other animal has free rein to hang out where they like, Life Storage noted. For that reason, you would be wise to put the litter box, food bowls, cages and toys into storage for the showing, and have someone come grab the pet in question to get them off your property for a few hours. Put another way, that kind of move means you have one less thing to worry about with all the people coming and going from your home.

When you need to sell your home, it’s important to have the help of some seasoned professionals. At Ray White Surfers Paradise, we’ve completed countless sales for buyers and sellers alike, and can advise you as to exactly what helps homeowners put their best foot forward. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help.

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