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6 pieces of furniture to bring a property into the future

By Andrew Bell

Just a few decades ago, pop culture predicted that the future would be full of flying cars, teleportation pods and pills that turn into full-course dinners with a drop of water. We were a little off, but some things have turned out more spectacular than we could ever have guessed.

Case in point: furniture. These days, you can buy beds that look like they belong on space stations, end tables that power your electronics and chairs that feel like thrones.

If your interior decorating style leans toward the new millennium and beyond, consider these six pieces of furniture to bring your property into the future:

1. Creative beds
Proper rest is important for good health, so you want to choose your bed with care. Why not choose one that’s both ergonomic and a delight to look at? Maybe even one with a built-in television and bookshelves to ensure you have all the entertainment you need to wind down before bed.

2. Minimalist kitchens
Imagine a kitchen with no knobs, switches or outlets. Every surface would have elements sensitive to your touch, so you could turn on the tap with a simple press of an index finger. Better yet, you could set it to a specific temperature instead of fiddling with hot and cold.

3. A bathtub for reclining
A warm bath is great for relaxation, but the tubs themselves are often anything but comfortable. Why not incorporate a design based on the most relaxing piece of outdoor furniture available: the hammock? This way, no one could blame you if you accidentally fell asleep.

4. Elevated beds
If you’ve ever wanted to levitate while sleeping, this bed is the closest you can get. Even better: This design has storage and speakers, so quickly switch out your sheets before falling asleep to music.

5. Puzzling designs
Apartment dwellers may not have the space for some of these designs, but they have some futuristic furniture options of their own. This single chair has stylish inserts that can be removed to create an ottoman or a second chair.

6. A block of fire
Want the cosiness of a fireplace wherever you go? This design is just as portable as it is sleek. Turn your next outdoor adventure into a futuristic glamping trip, or become the envy of your beach cookout.

Design tips to make your property more futuristic

You don’t have to rush to buy all new furniture if you want to incorporate these looks into your design. All you need to do is follow a few simple rules.

  • Stick to stark colour schemes. Prints and patterns feel antique (think Victorian-style wallpaper). Intense, but not vibrant, hues and contrasting colour palettes are more on theme.
  • Opt for sleek edges and curves rather than texture. Most of the designs above lack sharp corners or obvious textures – think silk instead of fur.
  • Think about sculpture, not just function. A futuristic piece of furniture looks good and functions well. Think of your furniture as a piece of art, not just a place to sit.

For more design ideas, consult with our team of experienced professionals.

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